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Laila Kennedy, Spirit Club
It depends- what are your intentions, you scum?
Wed Feb 1, 2017 15:01

Laila greeted Gia that morning with a wide smile, her bouncy brown hair in a high ponytail tied up with a Crotalus red ribbon, her face paints sitting on top of her bag which she had dropped on the bench where she had told the other Spirit Club members they could leave any sweaters or water bottles they didn’t want to have on them while cheering the teams on. At previous games, Laila had left the face paints out for anyone who wanted to use them to draw things on their faces and the help-yourself rule still applied. Laila herself had made two thick red lines under each of her eyes.

“What do you think about getting some glitter to add to the face paints next year?” she asked Gia as she stretched. “I think it would look really cool to put some glitter on.” Laila had seen cheerleaders at home in their glitter and face paint and skirts and pom poms and she was kind of jealous that she would never be one of them. As she continued to stretch, she cast a look around the field at the two teams who were assembled together and the other students who had come to watch the first match in what seemed like forever that wasn’t Pecari versus Aladren. She felt a little bad for Sammy since she had wanted her friend to go far but…Laila was still a Crotalus and so she was really proud of her house team for making it to the finals.

“Just one second,” she said to Gia, taking a sip of her water and putting it back on the bench before heading up to the stands. “I’ll be back before the game starts, I saw someone I wanted to talk to.”

Jamie Park was not someone who Laila frequently interacted with and his status as a seventh year while she was only a fourth year meant that they had never even had any classes together. In fact, the only three things that Laila knew about him were that he used to hang out with the old Crotalus Seeker, Shino, who was kind of friends with the older Reinhardts, he was known to be a bit rude and mischievous, and he was destroying her friend’s innocence. “Hey,” she said when she reached the Pecari. Luckily Sammy wasn’t there yet—Laila never would have approached Jamie Park if Sammy was there. She didn’t know how her friend would take to Laila’s attempt to protect her purity, but she still felt it was her duty to say something. She loved Sammy and she didn’t want someone like Jamie hurting her.

“Can we chat?” She tilted her head, her perfectly curled hair swinging a bit as it fell over her shoulder. In her cheerleading costume with her titled head and right hand on her hip, one knee bent as her right leg stood one step in front of her left one, Laila embodied the picture of a stereotypical cheerleader. If she could have seen herself in that moment she would have been delighted to see the picture, finally looking like she belonged. As it was, she didn’t even wait for Jamie to respond. “What exactly are your intentions with Sammy? She’s my friend and if you’re just going to be a first class jerk then I disapprove because Sammy has integrity and if you’re going to…manhandle that then I think you need to reevaluate your morals.”

Kissing like that in the middle of the common room for the whole school to see and whisper about? It was hot to be sure, and definitely something that would happen in one of Laila’s books, but it was also something that she thought should stay in her books. And certainly she did not approve of some horrible seventh year with no friends man-handling one of her best friends for the whole school to see. She knew Sammy wasn’t ladylike and she liked her because of that but it was simply distasteful to go at it the way the rumor hill said they’d been kissing for the whole world to see and since Sammy was her friend, she knew it had to be all Jamie’s fault.

Boys were absolutely uncouth. She couldn’t believe she had ever liked boys before. Now that she had a real man to like.

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    • It depends- what are your intentions, you scum? — Laila Kennedy, Spirit Club, Wed Feb 1 15:01
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