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Farrah Welsh
I've got my Pom Poms ready!
Wed Feb 1, 2017 18:09

Farrah was really enjoying being a part of the Spirit Club. She enjoyed all the clubs that she was in, of course, some more than others (*cough*Science Club*cough*), but considering all the apprehension she had when she first thought about joining the Spirit Club out of fear that she would be laughed out of the room, Farrah felt that she had come a long way. Everyone had been kind to her thus far and Farrah didnít feel like a complete freak in a group full of pretty people. She knew that there had been a moment between herself and Georgia when her friend had found out she had joined and she hadnít blamed her friend for having reservations (the same in which Farrah had) but hopefully her friend could see that it wasnít like it was back home.

She donned the uniform that was handmade (Farrah had taken it home with her during Christmas to show her mother the outfit and her mother was definitely impressed) specifically for her along with her fleece white leggings and white turtle neck. She had learned how to do the heating charm from her first year in Science Club from John. He was peculiar, but nice, so she enjoyed working with him. She learned the color charm in class but the Spirit Club had been great practice for her to continue using it.

When she went to change the color, she hesitated for a moment. The obvious choice was for her to pick blue because she was an Aladren and, well, Clark, but she also now had friends on the Crotalus team. Arne was making out to be a great partner on the Fair project whenever they worked on the Mythical creatures part that the Maori had legends on. He was quite knowledgeable in the subject, so Farrah felt like she was learning quite a bit. Plus, he was funny, so he made the work feel less like work.

Ultimately, Farrah went with blue because people would probably ask her questions as to why she was wearing red if she didnít have to and she wasnít really sure if she could answer Ďbecause Arneís fun and I want to show him supportí because then she felt like she was betraying Clark and he was in her life first and maybe even betray John if he cared for that sort of thing. But she would tell Arne later that he played fantastically (even if he hadnít) because she didnít want him to think she didnít care.

Farrah took her place amongst the club members and waited for the game to start. As she waited, she turned to look up at the crowd to see if she could find Kellen and Georgia, assuming they had come to watch the game with the rest of the school. She couldnít find them though and so, she returned her attention to the group on the field until the game began.

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    • I've got my Pom Poms ready! — Farrah Welsh, Wed Feb 1 18:09
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