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Captain Clark Dill, Seeker
I'm feeling feint
Fri Feb 3, 2017 12:00

Clark saw that Alistair was keeping some distance from him for now. Good. That was the way he liked it. Granted, he had a good broom now, so it wasn't a matter of needing a head start now, though that was a nice cushion if he could get it, but he just generally enjoyed flying more if he didn't have a rival breathing down his neck and possibly making comments (as Jamie had done).

He settled more comfortably into his pattern, his eyes peeled for glimmers or gold and his ears peeled for cracks of beater bats. Other than that though, especially early in a game, and without Alistair marking him too closely and posing a potential physical threat (not that ramming was legal, but it could be disguised as accidental), he was free to think a bit on the hug Lena had offered.

Unfortunately, such muses were interrupted far too quickly by a crack of a bat against a bludger. Amelia. He briefly worried for the reserve he'd had to sub in last minute that morning, but avoiding bludgers was maybe the one thing where her seeking practice carried over really well to chasing. He smiled as she got away clean and Louis got the ball off toward a Crotalus.

More cracks brought his attention back to his own game. John at Alistair, but Sabastien was able to get in there and send it back toward Clark.

John's bludger dodging practices had inured him to the terror of a bludger approach, and he found himself able to calmly assess his situation. It was a clean hit, on target. Clark had to move. He dropped into a dive, as that allowed gravity to work with him and add speed to his escape. It wasn't particularly powerful hit, however; John had sent much harder hits at him in practice. This was a double edged sword. It meant that if he moved fast enough, it might not latch onto his hear signature at all, and John could pick it up at his leisure. On the other hand, if it did recognize his presence, it did not have the momentum to overshoot his dive point and would be able to follow after him. Clark didn't think it had sufficient speed to catch him in that case, but he'd be running until John freed him from its pursuit.

He pushed his broom to its max diving speed, hoping to pull free completely from the bludger. As long as he was doing that anyway, he may as well try to give Alistair a scare, so he focused on a single point near the ground and reached a hand out like he saw something. A Wronski Feint wasn't a bad thing to pull with a Quidditch scout watching in any event.

Ignoring the bludger entirely- in part because, for the feint to work, you couldn't let on that anything else on the field mattered, and in part because this should put enough distance between him and it to lose it, and even if it didn't, he fully trusted John to handle it before he pulled out.

And pull out he did, a mere couple feet above the grass. He let his toes drag in the dirt for just a moment, not quite showing off to the scout how close he could get to the ground without crashing, then kicked up for a tiny boost in his ascent back to seeking altitude. Only then did he look around to see what had become of the bludger and Alistair, and, if he was really lucky, see if he could maybe spot the snitch from this unusual position, down below the chaser game.

  • Yeah, well your face doesn't look pretty to meSébastien Évreux, Beater, Thu Feb 2 15:00
    For the first time since Sébastien had started playing Quidditch – and apparently also longer than that – Crotalus had made it to the final. Sébastien hadn’t yet decided if this was a good thing. On... more
    • I'm feeling feint — Captain Clark Dill, Seeker, Fri Feb 3 12:00
      • I'm feeling slightly distracted.John Umland, Beater, Fri Feb 3 12:42
        John supposed it meant he was getting a little cocky, but he was mildly surprised when the little Crotalus Beater, the one who was not a Reinhardt, managed to intercept the Bludger and send it back... more
        • No, this is being distracted.Capt. Ali Johnson, Seeker, Fri Feb 3 13:39
          The downside of being such a committed coach for the Crotalus team was that, when it came to matches, Alistair found it could be difficult to pay the right attention to the other players’... more
          • And this is, hopefully, being distractingSébastien Évreux, Beater, Fri Feb 3 15:15
            Sébastien was disappointed when Clark dived, missing his carefully aimed bludger. Having moving targets really didn’t making beating easier! Still, at least it meant Dill had needed to change... more
            • Out of time but posting anywayClark Dill, Fri Feb 3 15:32
              Upon looking around, Clark smiled at what he found - Alistair was below the altitude of the Chasers which meant he had followed, at least for a little while, and the bludger was heading his way.... more
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