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Simon Mordue, Chaser
I enjoyed it very much.
Fri Feb 3, 2017 12:08

Simon saw the rain on the windows as soon as heíd woken up, but for a while, he had managed to mostly deny its reality. Maybe, he had thought, it had just been an illusion on their windows; heíd never noticed the weather looking different outside than it did through his windows before, but maybe the Aladrens had somehow enchanted the window just to mess with his and Winstonís heads. Clark Dill and John Umland were both very smart people; Simon didnít really know them, the age difference and class difference was too much, but they were all in the library a lot and Simon couldnít help noticing what other people read. Either of them could have easily, he was sure, pulled off the magic; Simon knew nothing about weather magic, but Dill and Umland were both Advanced years in a lot of classes and activities who he had never seen defer to their social betters, though both their clothes and their last names indicated they should have. Simon could only assume this meant they had a lot of confidence, and what could give them such confidence except a large amount of practical skill with magic?

When he got to breakfast, though, his faith in his belief that Clark Dill wasnít as nice as he looked was shaken by the rain appearing on every other window heíd seen all morning. Surely even the Aladrens couldnít have tricked them all. His growing fears were confirmed when he went outside for the match and found himself in a downpour that even his good umbrella could not totally protect him from, as the wind kept driving rain under it.

Warming charms helped a little, but he still wanted to curse Winston for making him do this. Instead, he attempted a smile for probably the closest thing to a friend he had. ďThis is going to be great f Ė fun, isnít it?Ē he said, but quietly Ė he suspected the sarcasm was obvious and that Alistair would hex him if he heard it.

The length of the captainís speech made Simon wish to hex him more than he wished to hex Winston, but he was intimidated out of thinking too much about that by two facts: one, Alistair said he expected great things out of the Chasers today, and two, Alistair did not promise not to kill either Simon or Winston if things went wrong. Last time, that assurance had meant a lot to them both, Simon thought, and he had really been counting on Alistair to offer it again. That he had not done so was enough to make the thought of playing in the cold rain even less pleasant than it had started out as, and nearly slipping in the mud as he tried to kick off did not improve things. Today was going to be awful. Did he really think the Aladrens were powerful enough to have altered the weather itself just to make it harder for the Crotalus Chasers?

If they had, it didnít, Simon noted with some pleasure, work out right away Ė it took him a minute to spot it, but Daniel had the Quaffle. Simon instinctively shied away when he saw Amelia Layne (he was pretty sure it was Amelia; he had seen her with the rest of her team before the match, been surprised that she seemed to be ready to fly, and she was smaller than the others) out of the corner of his eye, but he made himself correct his course and, to his own surprise, catch the slippery, wet Quaffle.

He did not get to enjoy that long, of course. He had seen Amelia disappear courtesy of a Bludger, but had not thought about the Bludger again until he heard a whistling that didnít quite match that of the wind. He jerked his broom quickly to the side, but it still caught him a glancing blow on his left shoulder, making his eyes water as he cried out before he could stop himself and hunched over defensively. The Quaffle slipped from his grasp and he dove, both to get away from the Bludger and to catch it again so Alistair didnít kill him. Rattled, he took the first opportunity that looked remotely plausible to pass, hoping it would succeed and he wouldnít get in trouble.

  • Nothing like winning your first match!Louis Valois, Beater, Thu Feb 2 14:55
    Louis shook his head as released his hair from his towel before running a hand through it to make sure it looked messy but artistic. He didnít just let it lie any old way! In nothing but his boxers,... more
    • I enjoyed it very much. — Simon Mordue, Chaser, Fri Feb 3 12:08
      • So did I!Winston Pierce, Chaser, Fri Feb 3 13:53
        Winston saw the rain on his window that morning and decided, in spite of previous experience to the contrary, that this was Arizona, and a dessert, so it would surely stop before the game began. He... more
        • Let's enjoy this one, lads.Daniel Fintoc, Chaser, Fri Feb 3 14:39
          Daniel was pleased when his pass landed safely in Crotalus hands but he then winced as Simon got hit by a bludger. Arne had just saved him from the same harassment and could hardly be everywhere at... more
          • A very big step would be needed Lena, Keeper , Fri Feb 3 15:55
            Things were not looking good so far as chasing was concerned. Crotalus started with possesion, which Lena wasnít too worried about. She had an eye on the bright red robes of the opposing team... more
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