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Winston Pierce, Chaser
So did I!
Fri Feb 3, 2017 13:53

Winston saw the rain on his window that morning and decided, in spite of previous experience to the contrary, that this was Arizona, and a dessert, so it would surely stop before the game began.

He was wrong.

It was still pouring when he put on his uniform. It was still pouring when he went outside. And windy, too, as it turned out. He had initially been envious of Simon's umbrella and wished he'd thought to bring his, at least for the walk out to the pitch, but, with the wind, it quickly became apparent that it was more trouble than it was worth.

"Yeah," he agreed, equally quietly, to Simon's prediction on the expected level of 'fun' for today's game.

He was glad of the drying charms Alistair offered, as that alleviated most of his immediate misery, though his nerves were still an issue. Not as bad as for his first match, thankfully, but not gone either. And this time he could maybe blame the weather for some of his inevitable mistakes.

He was on defense this time, which was actually the way he preferred to play, so that was good. Of course 'defense' was a loose term that he mostly understood to be 'stay closer to the Crotalus end than the offense player' but otherwise seemed to involve most of the same responsibilities. Still, 'defense' sounded less daunting than 'attacking' did, even if Aladren was also fielding two first years as their chasers for this game, and girls at that.

Truthfully, the fact that Aladren was subbing in their female first year reserve was nearly as much of a balm to him as Alistair's drying charm. He allowed himself to believe Crotalus might actually have the edge this game. If he wasn't being deluged with buckets of water from the heavens, this might have almost been an enjoyable game.

Unfortunately, the heavenly buckets appeared to think everyone here had a lot of sin they needed to be baptized free of.

The captains shook hands. The whistle blew. Winston kicked off. Daniel did his job and got the Quaffle. Simon did his job and got ahead for a clean pass. The Aladren beater did his job and hit Simon a glancing blow. Simon did his job and recovered the Quaffle and kept going.

Winston was kind of surprised when he did his job almost by rout, like all that practice was actually paying off, and he was in the right spot for a pass and when Simon did so, Winston caught it.

He panicked just a little then. He hadn't completed a pass so cleanly once in the entire game against Teppenpaw, and now he'd just done one perfectly.

This game could only get worse from here.

He kept flying forward, more by training and inertia than conscious intent, but soon thought began to break though the paralyzed morass that was his brain. It started with 'I have the ball.' Then it added, 'Bludgers like people with the ball.' Finally, it concluded, 'Get rid of the stupid ball!'

So he found a conveniently located red robe and threw the ball toward them, not quite hard enough to push through the driving rain entirely successfully, but hopefully hard enough for them to get to it before an Aladren did.

  • I enjoyed it very much.Simon Mordue, Chaser, Fri Feb 3 12:08
    Simon saw the rain on the windows as soon as hed woken up, but for a while, he had managed to mostly deny its reality. Maybe, he had thought, it had just been an illusion on their windows; hed... more
    • So did I! — Winston Pierce, Chaser, Fri Feb 3 13:53
      • Let's enjoy this one, lads.Daniel Fintoc, Chaser, Fri Feb 3 14:39
        Daniel was pleased when his pass landed safely in Crotalus hands but he then winced as Simon got hit by a bludger. Arne had just saved him from the same harassment and could hardly be everywhere at... more
        • A very big step would be needed Lena, Keeper , Fri Feb 3 15:55
          Things were not looking good so far as chasing was concerned. Crotalus started with possesion, which Lena wasnt too worried about. She had an eye on the bright red robes of the opposing team... more
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