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Daniel Fintoc, Chaser
Let's enjoy this one, lads.
Fri Feb 3, 2017 14:39

Daniel was pleased when his pass landed safely in Crotalus hands but he then winced as Simon got hit by a bludger. Arne had just saved him from the same harassment and could hardly be everywhere at once. Fortunately it didn’t look like the blow had been too full-on as the unfortunate young Crotalus Chaser managed to get his grip back on the Quaffle before it could get snatched up by the opposition.

Despite that hiccup, this game was already going so much smoother than the last (and they’d won that one). Simon passed the Quaffle cleanly to Winston so Daniel flew ahead to get in a good position to receive the next pass, should it come his way. He did just so and accelerated forward. The Aladren hoops seemed very close all of a sudden and the third year realised that if he really put his best foot forward he might be able to make the first goal attempt. That would be amazing. None of the Aladren Chasers had even touched the ball yet. How surreal was this?

He was conscious that the Aladren Beaters would be after him so Daniel flew fast. He reached the scoring area with his heart in his throat and slowed down slightly to take aim. He didn’t hang around with it though and threw the Quaffle with all his might towards a hoop that looked like it would be difficult for the Keeper to save.

Hopefully she wouldn’t manage to but Daniel knew that he also had the added risk of the ball just bouncing right off the side of the hoop, given the way his throw had gone. Perhaps he had been to hasty but he’d needed to get rid of the Quaffle quickly and then get out and away to intercept the Keeper’s following pass out, as well as needing to watch out for any of those nasty bludgers. He was the lead Chaser now and very aware that that made him a prime target.

The Aladrens were known for being reigning champions but perhaps last year’s breakthrough, courtesy of Pecari, had opened up the floor for a new team to claim that title. And now Daniel was beginning to believe that Crotalus could well be that team. They were in the finals, how big a step was it to actually win the Cup?

  • So did I!Winston Pierce, Chaser, Fri Feb 3 13:53
    Winston saw the rain on his window that morning and decided, in spite of previous experience to the contrary, that this was Arizona, and a dessert, so it would surely stop before the game began. He... more
    • Let's enjoy this one, lads. — Daniel Fintoc, Chaser, Fri Feb 3 14:39
      • A very big step would be needed Lena, Keeper , Fri Feb 3 15:55
        Things were not looking good so far as chasing was concerned. Crotalus started with possesion, which Lena wasn’t too worried about. She had an eye on the bright red robes of the opposing team... more
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