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Sébastien Évreux, Beater
And this is, hopefully, being distracting
Fri Feb 3, 2017 15:15 (XFF:,

Sébastien was disappointed when Clark dived, missing his carefully aimed bludger. Having moving targets really didn’t making beating easier! Still, at least it meant Dill had needed to change direction. Bastien was definitely counting the feint as an avoidance technique rather than skilled playing on Dill’s behalf, and Johnson’s congratulations only supported his theory. It was nice to be appreciated.

Then Umland was going for the bludger. Remembering his captain’s earlier comment about surprisingly good, Sébastien watched him closely for an indication of what his next move would be. Despite enjoying a nice bit of ego-boosting, he wasn’t stupid enough as to entirely underestimate a fellow player, especially one such as Umland, who had the advantage of both age and experience. Not for the first time, Bastien found himself wishing that he was bigger and stronger.

Umland looked over at Alistair, and Sébastien grinned to himself, congratulating himself on his ability to judge what was happening next. He immediately directed his flight over in Johnson’s direction, planning to be ready and waiting for the bludger that would doubtless come their way. This wasn’t helped by the fact that Alistair had high-tailed after Dill- wait a moment! Had Dill seen the snitch? It was very early on in the game, but he wouldn’t put it past the annoyingly lucky Aladren seeker. Then Dill pulled up, and it became obvious that he’d just been trying to be annoyingly tricky. Alistair had paused, for some reason, and this gave Sébastien more of a chance to get protectively near his captain, ready for Umland’s bludger.

However, the Aladren beater simply knocked the bludger off its path, leaving a rather confused Sébastien. What was Umland playing at? He was obviously planning something – these sneaky Aladrens couldn’t be trusted. Sébastien had just started to move away from Alistair’s general vicinity when Umland hit the bludger once more, directly at Bastien’s captain. Mildly panicking, he whirled around to regain his earlier position, but was unfortunately too late to get there in time. He was just glad that Alistair had been able to dodge the bludger.

Luckily, Sébastien hadn’t had the time to get particularly far away from Alistair, so it wasn’t a difficult job to reach the bludger before it joined the chaser part of the game. He didn’t want Valois getting his hands on his bludger. Umland was looking around at the game, hopefully distracted, and Bastien used this to his disadvantage, sending the bludger once more towards Dill. Hopefully it would hit the Aladren seeker this time, or at least distract him from the all-important snitch hunt.

Bastien let out a breath of relief as bludger possession was once more in Umland’s court. It could get tiring, this beating lark, both physically and mentally. Sébastien hadn’t had to think so tactically before in his life, and he was convinced that another couple of eyes and perhaps another arm would come in handy. He felt like he had to be looking everywhere at once, without any respite.

  • No, this is being distracted.Capt. Ali Johnson, Seeker, Fri Feb 3 13:39
    The downside of being such a committed coach for the Crotalus team was that, when it came to matches, Alistair found it could be difficult to pay the right attention to the other players’... more
    • And this is, hopefully, being distracting — Sébastien Évreux, Beater, Fri Feb 3 15:15
      • Out of time but posting anywayClark Dill, Fri Feb 3 15:32
        Upon looking around, Clark smiled at what he found - Alistair was below the altitude of the Chasers which meant he had followed, at least for a little while, and the bludger was heading his way.... more
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