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Lena, Keeper
A very big step would be needed
Fri Feb 3, 2017 15:55

Things were not looking good so far as chasing was concerned. Crotalus started with possesion, which Lena wasnít too worried about. She had an eye on the bright red robes of the opposing team players, and saw the blue of an Aladren chaser catch up to them. What was worrisome was that not once had the ball seemed to change possesion, and make itís way to the other side. She worried that maybe interceptions couldnít be made by the Aladrens easily in this weather. No, she resigned herself to be less pessimistic. She had confidence in her teammates' abilities, they would be able to bring the game back in Aladren's favor even if Crotalus did happen to score. Which they werenít going to.

Not one for names on the best of days, Lena couldnít tell who the Crotalus that aimed for the low hoop was, not focusing on his face at all but his hands and where the Quaffle might go. He, she was able to tell it was a male chaser at least, didnít seem outright shaky but his aim was not well placed. The Quaffle had no sooner gotten halfway between his hands and the hoop then Lena had intercepted. It was more difficult to block goals aimed lower than to where she perched on her broom, but she had been ready and waiting. Finally the Quaffle was Aladren's. She spared a quick glance to the opposing chaser to see how close he was should she pass to an Aladren chaser near him. Had her mind not been more strategically engaged she might have looked for signs of emotion, whether he was despondent or riled up to get back in the game. Maybe that would have been a mistake.

Dismissing him as a primary concern for the moment, anticipating his departure as soon as the Quaffle landed in her target's arms, she sent the ball to the chaser on the opposite side of the pitch from where the red could be seen. Immediately after the strong throw, she locked her eyes back on the danger , however small she hoped he would actually be. It was one thing to choose to not be overly worried when considering options, it was another to be blindly hopeful. Lena knew the chaser was still capable of intercepting the ball again and returning. Still, she was ready. This game mattered. Clark mattered. The team mattered. She wasnít going to let them score with pitiful attempted shots, not in the slightest.

  • Let's enjoy this one, lads.Daniel Fintoc, Chaser, Fri Feb 3 14:39
    Daniel was pleased when his pass landed safely in Crotalus hands but he then winced as Simon got hit by a bludger. Arne had just saved him from the same harassment and could hardly be everywhere at... more
    • A very big step would be needed — Lena, Keeper , Fri Feb 3 15:55
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