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Real good friend you are
Sun Feb 5, 2017 06:21

Spirit club… It had held so much promise when he’d first heard about it. The prospect of girls in short skirts jumping enthusiastically up and down. Unfortunately, the reality was a bit of a let down, as most of them were pre-pubescent children who looked ridiculous in their outfits. As he settled down to watch the match, one such child abandoned her warm up to come and have a word. Laila stood in front of him now, hand on hip. He guessed she had the potential to be hot, but there was a lower age limit in terms of girls Jamie would eye up. And from her current stance, given that he’d done nothing he directly knew of to her, he guessed she was far too high maintenance.

”Can we chat?”

Jamie shrugged nonchalantly, doubting that Laila was going to give him much of a say in the matter. And sure enough, she was off, with a pretty little monologue about Sammy and friendship and her needing to know what his intentions were. He tried not to laugh directly in her face because he doubted that would go over well with Sammy, but he didn’t completely suppress his amusement at the situation.

“I see,” he said evenly, regaining a straight face, “And Sammy asked you to find out, did she? Shy little wallflower that she is, she’s desperate to know but too afraid to ask me herself?” he challenged.

  • It depends- what are your intentions, you scum?Laila Kennedy, Spirit Club, Wed Feb 1 15:01
    Laila greeted Gia that morning with a wide smile, her bouncy brown hair in a high ponytail tied up with a Crotalus red ribbon, her face paints sitting on top of her bag which she had dropped on the... more
    • Real good friend you are — Jamie, Sun Feb 5 06:21
      • UghLaila, Mon Feb 13 19:42
        This. This was exactly why Laila worried that Sammy didn’t know what she was getting herself into. Jamie Park was everything Laila disliked about boys and Laila didn’t dislike many things about boys. ... more
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