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Lily Spencer
Care to dance?
Sun Feb 12, 2017 08:13

Lily was so very proud of her group's booth. It had taken loads of work and extra time that she would've normally used to romp around the gardens with Jozua and/or Madeleine, but it was time well spent. She'd never been interested in learning about different cultures until this term, and since learning all about Brazil she'd made it a goal to go on holiday there before she graduated. She got on with her fellow group members as well; though she wasn't as intelligent as they were, she had put a lot of effort in getting to know them and working hard at her tasks.

Once it was all set up, Lily went up to Professor Xavier and thanked him warmly for all his help. Without him, it wouldn't have looked half as lovely as it did. She then took a quick walk through and decided their booth was the best. She wished she had a camera to take photos with, but it wasn't like she'd be able to show them to her mates back home. They wouldn't understand. This past term had been somewhat difficult with no contact with Geoff or the others, but Lily had thought of them - particularly him - everyday. She didn't understand it, really, why he mattered so much, but she liked him. A lot. The only problem was he still thought she was a boy. That bit would have to be remedied eventually, she just didn't know how.

"Geoff would like the Amazon, I think," she said to herself as she examined the macaws. Though Lily didn't know Geoff well yet, he seemed like the sort who'd enjoy adventurous things. Her heart warmed at the thought of him, but she ignored it and skipped out of the maze.

For this occasion, Lily was wearing a white button-up shirt tucked into her trousers complete with braces. Her short brown hair was tousled, having forgotten to brush it in the morning, and she fancied she looked quite a lot like Adam today. Dressed like this with such a short, neat haircut, Lily had had a bit of fun over the winter holiday confusing shop employees and irritating her mother to no end.

As the Headmaster gave his usual speech, Lily's eyes scanned the other booths. She liked the idea of yearbooks, but almost always forgot to pick one up when there was so much else to do during the Midsummer events.

Lily ducked through the black curtains again and sped through the makeshift rainforest. She passed by the crafting station with a curious peak at the examples. She was planning to get very involved with each and every station and booth, but there was something she had to do first. As she passed by the Brazilian food table, she popped a chocolate ball into her mouth and then approached the wooden platform for dancing. She waited for someone to wander in before approaching them with a big smile.

"Would you like to be my partner?" she asked eagerly. "Samba looks like great fun, doesn't it? And quite different from the waltzes that I had to learn."

  • Brazil!Nathan Xavier, Sat Feb 11 16:17
    The Brazil booth had come together nicely, if Nathan did say so himself. It was a bit larger than he had really expected a student group to design, but it did incorporate a bunch of his trees, so... more
    • Care to dance? — Lily Spencer, Sun Feb 12 08:13
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