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Capt. Ali Johnson, Seeker
You were warned.
Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:16

Alistair didn’t allow his mind to dwell on the fact that he’d been tricked by Dill and he continued his search for the golden snitch. The elements were certainly against him finding it but he supposed it was all just another challenge he had to overcome. To be challenged was what he wanted, what he needed now if he was going to continue making any real improvements.

And after a while he did spot it - this time away from the rest of the players so he wouldn’t have to go hurtling towards one of his first years again. The fifth year started to head in that direction but the brief glimpse of gold had already disappeared from view. He glanced around, annoyed at himself from losing the snitch, although he knew the rain had been obscuring his vision.

He couldn’t have been imagining it, he was so sure… ah, there it was. Alistair didn’t hesitate and accelerated forward after the snitch. He wasn’t letting it get away a second time, whether it meant giving the game up to Dill or not. Hopefully it would take the Aladren Seeker a moment to cotton on as to why he was flying so fast. Even if he didn’t, a bit of a battle for the snitch could be interesting, although risky. But Alistair did have a lot of confidence in his speed after all so he was game.

Alistair powered after the snitch, trying to reach the high limits that his expensive broom possessed. He was glad that the snitch was well above the other players, so he didn’t need to worry about their safety this time. As he grew closer, the Crotalus captain outstretched his arm with great determination. And then he could feel it touching his fingertips… Alistair’s hand closed around the snitch.

“I got it!” He couldn’t help the elation in his voice as he exclaimed the sudden realisation aloud. The wind would probably carry his words away from most people’s ears but that didn’t matter.

Alistair hadn’t thought he could feel happier than when he’d caught the snitch in the last game but right now he certainly did. He hadn’t just won a game - he’d won the championships, against Clark Dill. Crotalus had won the Cup!

The fifth year did a loop on his broom, showing off with the excitement of winning, before making his way back down to solid ground to celebrate with his teammates. His grip on the snitch didn’t weaken, even when he dismounted his broom and hugged the first teammate to arrive on the ground beside him, slapping them on the back.

“We won!”

  • Championship Game: Aladren vs. Crotalus!Substitute Prof. Isis Carter , Fri Jan 20 15:19
    Isis sighed. She had been so happy when the school had acquired a Quidditch coach, but the poor woman’s health was just not cooperating with the game schedule. Or just… cooperating, it seemed, as... more
    • In it to win it.Daniel Fintoc, Chaser , Sun Jan 29 06:37
      Daniel had been far happier than he could’ve imagined when they actually won their last game. It had felt like Crotalus were the underdogs for a long time now, always struggling to make the numbers,... more
      • You can say that again.Arne Reinhardt, Beater, Wed Feb 1 16:45
        Spirit Club consisted of a few things which Arne thought was a bit silly but there were a few aspects of it which he could appreciate the first being the parties they threw and the second being the... more
        • Making my debut.Amelia Layne semi-Chaser, Thu Feb 2 13:34
          Before the first match, Amelia had been bouncing with enthusiasm even though she had known she was not going to play. Before the second match, she was frozen with terror because she had been informed ... more
          • Nothing like winning your first match!Louis Valois, Beater, Thu Feb 2 14:55
            Louis shook his head as released his hair from his towel before running a hand through it to make sure it looked messy but artistic. He didn’t just let it lie any old way! In nothing but his boxers,... more
            • I enjoyed it very much.Simon Mordue, Chaser, Fri Feb 3 12:08
              Simon saw the rain on the windows as soon as he’d woken up, but for a while, he had managed to mostly deny its reality. Maybe, he had thought, it had just been an illusion on their windows; he’d... more
              • So did I!Winston Pierce, Chaser, Fri Feb 3 13:53
                Winston saw the rain on his window that morning and decided, in spite of previous experience to the contrary, that this was Arizona, and a dessert, so it would surely stop before the game began. He... more
                • Let's enjoy this one, lads.Daniel Fintoc, Chaser, Fri Feb 3 14:39
                  Daniel was pleased when his pass landed safely in Crotalus hands but he then winced as Simon got hit by a bludger. Arne had just saved him from the same harassment and could hardly be everywhere at... more
                  • A very big step would be needed Lena, Keeper , Fri Feb 3 15:55
                    Things were not looking good so far as chasing was concerned. Crotalus started with possesion, which Lena wasn’t too worried about. She had an eye on the bright red robes of the opposing team... more
          • Determined to not be phased Lena W., Keeper , Thu Feb 2 14:17
            Lena was nervous. There was no other word for it. Playing Quidditch for the Aladren team had been more exciting and enjoyable than she had thought it could be third year when she had given the sport... more
    • Last time aroundClark Dill, Seeker, Tue Jan 24 21:12
      Clark did not normally get nervous before Quidditch games these days. Even last time, coming back for potentially his final game after his first lost, and going against the same seeker who had beaten ... more
      • It won't be like old times.Capt. Ali Johnson, Seeker, Sun Jan 29 05:57
        Winning had felt amazing. It had meant a lot to the whole team, after years (for some of the players at least) of hard work, to finally get that reward they’d been striving for. But it had also felt... more
        • All you targets look pretty much the same to me.John Umland, Beater, Wed Feb 1 15:12
          Toronto was not, in the grand scheme of things, a place John had ever thought about much. His maternal grandparents lived there, but he rarely saw them. His mom was from there, but had completed her... more
          • Yeah, well your face doesn't look pretty to meSébastien Évreux, Beater, Thu Feb 2 15:00
            For the first time since Sébastien had started playing Quidditch – and apparently also longer than that – Crotalus had made it to the final. Sébastien hadn’t yet decided if this was a good thing. On... more
            • I'm feeling feintCaptain Clark Dill, Seeker, Fri Feb 3 12:00
              Clark saw that Alistair was keeping some distance from him for now. Good. That was the way he liked it. Granted, he had a good broom now, so it wasn't a matter of needing a head start now, though... more
              • I'm feeling slightly distracted.John Umland, Beater, Fri Feb 3 12:42
                John supposed it meant he was getting a little cocky, but he was mildly surprised when the little Crotalus Beater, the one who was not a Reinhardt, managed to intercept the Bludger and send it back... more
                • No, this is being distracted.Capt. Ali Johnson, Seeker, Fri Feb 3 13:39
                  The downside of being such a committed coach for the Crotalus team was that, when it came to matches, Alistair found it could be difficult to pay the right attention to the other players’... more
                  • And this is, hopefully, being distractingSébastien Évreux, Beater, Fri Feb 3 15:15
                    Sébastien was disappointed when Clark dived, missing his carefully aimed bludger. Having moving targets really didn’t making beating easier! Still, at least it meant Dill had needed to change... more
                    • Out of time but posting anywayClark Dill, Fri Feb 3 15:32
                      Upon looking around, Clark smiled at what he found - Alistair was below the altitude of the Chasers which meant he had followed, at least for a little while, and the bludger was heading his way.... more
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