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Farrah Welsh
Giving My Appreciation (After the game, Tag Arne)
Mon Feb 13, 2017 11:27

Farrah was not a sports person and of all the sports that she knew about, Quidditch was one that she understood the least. She knew it was because she had only ever heard of it last year when she started at Sonora and asked her dad about it. He used tone the Keeper of the Teppenpaw team for a couple of years before deciding to not play, but even with his explanation of how the sport worked, Farrah was quite confused by it.

In between the cheers that the Spirit Club put together, Farrah tried to follow along with the game by watching the players in the sky. It was difficult from her angle on the ground exactly what was happening or which player was the one with the Quaffle thing or who whacked the bludger, but she tried her best.

Ultimately though, after a surprise dive from Clark that ended up either being a trick or he missed the snitch, it was the Crotalus seeker (Farrah didn't recall his name as she didn't remember having ever interacted with him) was the one who caught the snitch. Farrah felt a surge of disappointment rush through her when she came to the realization that not only had Aladren not won the Championship but that Clark Dill had lost his final game at Sonora! It was heartbreaking really.

Farrah thought about trying to find Clark to tell him what a great game he played and try to lift his spirits, but she thought his team would probably want time together to commiserate in their loss,but she would try to find him later in the common room. She did see Arne, however, and since she wasn't sure if she would be able to see him after, so she left her spot amongst the Spirit club and jogged over to him.

"Arne!" Farrah called out to get his attention. She smiled warmly to him as she did with everyone she felt comfortable with. She had been working with him long enough to not feel intimidated by him. "Congratulations on the win!" She told him. "You played really well.". She honestly had no idea if he had since she couldn't see who was doing what, but that didn't really matter.

    • Appreciating your appreciation ;)Arne Reinhardt, Mon Feb 13 20:43
      Arne was flying high, no pun intended when the match won and his captain caught the Snitch. Sure it was sad that Clark Dill, Seeker extraordinaire and Aladren seeking prodigy (Dill might have played... more
      • I bet you do :pFarrah, Tue Feb 14 12:55
        Farrah had not expected such a welcoming from Arne. A high five or even a quick hug in celebration was the most that she had really expected. So when she felt her feet lift from the ground just after ... more
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