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Rory Taransay
Mon Feb 13, 2017 15:04 (XFF:,

Rory was proud of what his group had come up with. The initial meeting had boded well, everyone having ideas and sorting out who would do what, and the productivity had continued. Looking around at their booth, it was definitely well organised and, hopefully, appealing to the other students.

John and Sutton had prepared a great display on the flora and fauna of Poland, and Sutton’s drawings really made it look more appealing. Rory knew that an attractive presentation made it easier for people to understand information that they were given, and the two students had really combined their talents well. He’d been interested in what they’d come up with, and had given them a few suggestions about particular areas to focus on, such as the Białowieża Forest.

Barnaby’s timeline went well with their display too. Initially, Rory had been concerned about Barnaby taking on the task alone, but the boy obviously knew what he was capable of. The timeline gave information about important wizards and witches, spells and potions, key events in Polish history, and interesting laws. Barnaby had drawn on skills from all across the curriculum to prepare it, and Rory had been happy to help out with the more difficult spells.

The youngest two students in the group had also put a lot of effort into their part of the project. Louis and Emmy-Lou obviously hadn’t been exaggerating when they said they were interested in fashion. Their outfits were both accurate and well-made, and they also had made some embroidered cloth to decorate the booth, as well as extra hats and jackets for other students to try on. Sadly, not all of the group had got into the spirit of dressing up, but Rory had swallowed his pride and allowed them to make him an outfit too. He had, however, requested that his costume wasn’t too bright and eye-catching – unlike Louis and Emilia-Louise, who had delighted in all the patterns and colours traditionally used.

Their booth also had a selection of Polish food, which Emilia-Louise and Louis had made. It was mostly sweet food, such as makowiec (a poppy seed cake), pierniki (gingerbread shapes), and krówki (a type of fudge). The food was neatly arranged in small pieces, ready for the other students to pick up and pop in their mouths. Rory had snuck a few when they were setting up, and had been pleasantly surprised.

Rory was impressed by how much effort every member of his group had been willing to put in, and was confident that their booth wouldn’t be shown up by the others. He’d enjoyed the opportunity to get to know some of the students better, and hoped that they had enjoyed learning about a different country.

  • Midsummer FairHeadmaster Brockert, Fri Feb 10 17:48
    It was time once again for Sonora's annual Midsummer Event. This year, it was to be the fair and they were doing an International Festival. While he was naturally not the most culturally sensitive... more
    • Is this our twilight? (tag Lena)Clark Dill, Fri Feb 24 18:55
      The fair was winding down and in the morning the wagons would take them home. In less than 24 hours, Clark would see his last of Sonora Academy. It was a bittersweet thought. He was moving on and up... more
      • Sunrise over Valley BroadLena, Wed Mar 1 02:00
        Out on the quidditch pitch, walking side by side with Clark, Lena enjoyed the fair and the last night she would spend in her home. That was what Sonora was after all. Home. She restricted her gaze to ... more
        • Befuddled babbling Clark , Wed Mar 1 09:39
          Clark looked away from the sunset to look at Lena in surprise. In truth, he had expected a sad and reluctant but ultimately unavoidable agreement that their time together was ending. Practically... more
    • Wandering between [Tobi]Makenzie Newell, Tue Feb 21 00:56
      Though not necessarily consciously, Makenzie dressed a little extra nice for the fair. Her dress was far less than a ball gown, of course, and she could hardly wear heels on the Quidditch pitch... more
    • South Korea (nm)DH Skies, Sat Feb 18 00:10
      • One last date at Sonora (Jake)Ginger , Wed Feb 22 11:00
        Ginger loved their South Korea booth. It didn't have a rainforest or anything, but they had some Korean food, and costumes, and most of the group had learned enough of the Korean alphabet from Kir... more
        • Jake was generally a chipper person, as anyone who had ever been in the same thirty foot radius as him could attest, but today, he found himself pressing for a smile. As much as he wanted to ignore... more
          • Ginger was thinking about their choices for where to go first - she was definitely curious about that rainforest, but seeing Professor O'Malley's kids was definitely a draw, too (seeing the teachers... more
    • ChileDH Skies, Sat Feb 18 00:09
      Selina was pleased with how the fair had come together. The students had certainly put a lot of effort in, and she was looking forward to having a chance to explore the booths herself, once Chile was ... more
      • Might as well learn somethingDustin Newell, Tue Feb 21 03:04
        As with most school functions, Dustin didn’t really care about the fair. However, he did his best to at least seem fairly positive since both his cousin and his sister had signed up and worked on... more
    • Israel!Professor Sophie O'Malley, Mon Feb 13 18:07
      “Stanley Jacob O’Malley, I swear to God if don’t get back here and take your father’s hand right now , so help me, you will be grounded until you’re thirty.” The small, dark-haired boy who had kid... more
      • Probably flirting with disaster.Simon Mordue, Thu Feb 23 18:06
        Simon had learned to hide it, to conceal nerves behind a solemn expression as though he were merely a very serious and refined person instead of a nervous one, but he did not think he could blame all ... more
        • What's flirting?Wally and Stanley O'Malley, Sat Feb 25 16:14
          Wally blinked. There was a big kid talking to him. He glanced at his brother sitting on the ground beside him, but Stanley didn’t seem particularly phased by the big kid, too occupied by his snack.... more
          • ...Someone else will tell you when you're older.Simon Mordue, Tue Feb 28 12:11
            The small child appeared shy. Simon could sympathize with that, and hoped that the child was not one of the heirs in his family, too. People expected the one with the main property to be the face of... more
            • When?Wally and Stanley, Tue Feb 28 19:26
              Stanley looked at the hand offered to him by the big kid for a moment before remembering what he was supposed to do with it. Then he reached out and grasped on, his grip pretty solid for a kid his... more
              • When you're thirty, maybe.Simon, Tue Feb 28 22:23
                Simon withdrew the pamphlet as Stanley declared it boring. Well, it had been worth a try. Things then apparently decided to get worse as the other one curled into a ball at being asked his name... more
    • Poland! — Rory Taransay, Mon Feb 13 15:04
      • Admiring the artwork.Lionel Layne, Wed Feb 22 22:04
        His last night at Sonora. It didn’t quite seem real. Lionel had opted out of participating in the Fair so he could study for his RATS (how he had done on them after all that was…something he was... more
        • Pleased at the admiration.Sutton Nicolls, Wed Feb 22 22:26
          Sutton was thankful that she hadn’t had to do much of the academic work required for the booth. She had been content to do the artwork and to study John Umland. She still couldn’t fathom Aislinn’s... more
          • Pleased to be noticed.Lionel, Thu Feb 23 22:07
            Lionel knew it wasn’t very nice of him, but he couldn’t help but smile when he saw Sutton look at John when talking about people who might scare him (or, he guessed, anyone; he doubted she had been... more
      • Fantastic beasts: here's where to find them!John Umland, Tue Feb 14 20:10
        By the time the festival officially began, John had been preparing for it for hours. He was sure of his facts, so studying as such was no more necessary than it ever was, but he wanted to make sure... more
    • Ethiopia!Isis Carter, Sat Feb 11 21:13
      It had been an interesting year for Isis, both personally and professionally. A year that, looking back at it from the end, had contained a lot of personal growth on a variety of fronts. In a... more
      • Here we go!Joe Umland, Tue Feb 14 13:39
        Joe had been as surprised as anyone – except, he guessed, maybe Tasha; he had been surprised as the project was developed and they developed a menu for the project to find the Aladren girl rather... more
        • Letting the food do the talkingRaine Collindale, Sat Feb 18 03:16
          Raine was genuinely excited for the fair, and very pleased with how the whole preparation had gone. People had liked her idea. That simple sentence still filled her with a huge bubble of pride and... more
          • But talking is fun!Joe Umland, Tue Feb 28 12:46
            Joe smiled back at Raine when she complimented the spice mixture. “Thanks,” he said. “I guess I’m giving away stuff about my background when I admit I asked my friend about whether or not they take... more
    • Brazil!Nathan Xavier, Sat Feb 11 16:17
      The Brazil booth had come together nicely, if Nathan did say so himself. It was a bit larger than he had really expected a student group to design, but it did incorporate a bunch of his trees, so... more
      • Care to dance?Lily Spencer, Sun Feb 12 08:13
        Lily was so very proud of her group's booth. It had taken loads of work and extra time that she would've normally used to romp around the gardens with Jozua and/or Madeleine, but it was time well... more
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