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Arne Reinhardt
Appreciating your appreciation ;)
Mon Feb 13, 2017 20:43

Arne was flying high, no pun intended when the match won and his captain caught the Snitch. Sure it was sad that Clark Dill, Seeker extraordinaire and Aladren seeking prodigy (Dill might have played for the opposing team but Arne wasn’t going to knock a fantastic player when he saw one) was going out on a bad note but Crotalus had won! He let out a whoop of happiness as he touched down on the field, swinging his broom up behind him, tucked under one arm as he bent slightly at the waist and gave a little dance. Arne felt finer than a fancy dancer winning in his category. Showboating is what Tobi called it but Arne didn’t mind because he knew Tobi would only have kind words to say to him. Tobi only ever had kind words. In fact, Arne worried a little that Tobi wasn’t as happy as he let everyone else believe.

Being chastised for showboating by his older brother did not appear to be in the cards just yet, however, because little Farrah Welsh in her blue Spirit Club outfit had sought him out in the crowd. If there was one thing that Arne liked more than or as much as Quidditch and Charms it was girls and there were plenty of pretty girls at Sonora. He offered the thirteen year old a wide grin and dropped his broom on the ground to give her a big hug, spinning in a quick circle before putting her back down.

“Sorry about the sweat,” he said with a wink, thinking Farrah looked quite cute in her outfit but feeling a little guilty about his harmless flirting since she was still in beginner’s classes. Next year she’d be a third year and they’d be in intermediates together and then what would be the harm in some shameless flirting or a few kisses between friends? Cute friends, especially. Besides, there were plenty of cute girls his age at home. It was a shame that he couldn’t see any of the girls in his year like that. They were either too prissy, not pretty enough, too quiet, or in a weird thing with his best bro. Maybe he could get Lauren Song to accompany him to another Midsummer Event…

“You did well with your little—” he paused to do a little ‘rah-rah’ motion with his hands. “Pom-pom thing, always nice to have support even if you did choose your house over me. I was gravely offended but I think the win helped me to get over it.” He grinned at her in a way to suggest he was flirting and had never actually been offended in the first place. He started to walk towards the lockers and the school as that was the direction that most of the crowed seemed to be going in.

“Excited for our booth, by the way?” he questioned as they walked. “I’m really glad our topics overlap, you’ve been a blast to work with!”

  • Giving My Appreciation (After the game, Tag Arne)Farrah Welsh, Mon Feb 13 11:27
    Farrah was not a sports person and of all the sports that she knew about, Quidditch was one that she understood the least. She knew it was because she had only ever heard of it last year when she... more
    • Appreciating your appreciation ;) — Arne Reinhardt, Mon Feb 13 20:43
      • I bet you do :pFarrah, Tue Feb 14 12:55
        Farrah had not expected such a welcoming from Arne. A high five or even a quick hug in celebration was the most that she had really expected. So when she felt her feet lift from the ground just after ... more
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