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I bet you do :p
Tue Feb 14, 2017 12:55

Farrah had not expected such a welcoming from Arne. A high five or even a quick hug in celebration was the most that she had really expected. So when she felt her feet lift from the ground just after Arne's arms went around her and the quick air rushed around as he spun her, Farrah's breath caught with surprise.

She didn't think too deeply into it though and simply brushed it off as Arne being extremely happy to have won the game and needing to showcase that excitement. Farrah just happened to be the first person to meet up with him so his excitement was aimed at her. She took it in stride with an embarrassing squeal of surprise when she was initially lifted but ended with a slight giggle when she had her feet back on the ground and had her barrings. "Don't worry about it." She replied with a wave of her hand. The moment sort of felt like a movie moment and Farrah would have to remember to tell Georgia about it for a giggle. It wasn't like it was every day that an older guy who was a 'jock' and casually cool gave a nerd like her a swinging hug.

His compliment did get her to laugh though. "Oh could you see me from up there?". She asked through her laugh. She didn't know if Arne was part of the Muggle world or not to know what cheerleaders were or how popular they were but she suspected that he didn't because he would otherwise laugh at the idea of her even attempting such things. "It's harder than it looks, I swear." She said with a smile. "I may be wearing blue, but I was cheering for everyone." She stated with amusement. Okay so her heart was hoping for an Aladren win (and not just because of Clark Dill) but part of being in Spirit Club was cheering for the whole school; not just one portion of it.

"I am!" She replied, falling into step next to him and trying and failing to keep herself from blushing at his compliment. "It has been a lot of fun working with everyone. I initially joined because Kellen didn't want to do it alone, but I really learned a lot from everyone and I can't wait to see what sort of attention the booth gets." Farrah commented. "You definitely taught me a lot about the Maori and their legends. Are you excited to show off what we have done and see the other booths?"

  • Appreciating your appreciation ;)Arne Reinhardt, Mon Feb 13 20:43
    Arne was flying high, no pun intended when the match won and his captain caught the Snitch. Sure it was sad that Clark Dill, Seeker extraordinaire and Aladren seeking prodigy (Dill might have played... more
    • I bet you do :p — Farrah, Tue Feb 14 12:55
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