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Raine Collindale
Letting the food do the talking
Sat Feb 18, 2017 03:16

Raine was genuinely excited for the fair, and very pleased with how the whole preparation had gone. People had liked her idea. That simple sentence still filled her with a huge bubble of pride and amazement. She had come to close to just keeping her mouth shut, a little bit afraid to put herself out there in front of so many unfamiliar people, but she had gone for it, and it had been worth it. Every time she looked at the Ethiopia booth, she felt proud. Raine had never been proud of anything she’d done in school before. Sure, after it had started, the whole pen-friend thing had run away from her a bit, in certain areas. Joe Umland seemed to be getting endless information either from his pen-friend or additional sources about religion, which went into a level of detail that was completely beyond her comprehension. But, so long as Joe was happy with his part of the project, and the pen-pal scheme was a success, it didn’t matter.

Besides making a new friend in a different country, she had enjoyed the cooking the most. She liked to cook, and had learnt to make some really interesting food, which she hoped she’d be able to try again some day. She wasn’t great with music, but she’d listened to it enough that she was humming some of the melodies as they set up. Her own posters centered around her pen-pal, and what she’d learnt from them.

“Your tea smells really good,” she smiled at Joe, as she laid paper plates out, placing one of the mini injera they’d made on to each. The sourdough pancakes were a bit of an acquired taste, and she hadn’t been a fan of the first batch they’d made, but they were definitely growing on her, and the stews were very tasty. She plated some up, adding little flags that declared them to be ‘vegan’ or ‘meaty (warning, spicy)’ and stood back. She would explain to people, if they asked more about the food, but she sort of felt the labels said the main things people would want to know, and she wasn’t really a natural sales person.

  • Here we go!Joe Umland, Tue Feb 14 13:39
    Joe had been as surprised as anyone – except, he guessed, maybe Tasha; he had been surprised as the project was developed and they developed a menu for the project to find the Aladren girl rather... more
    • Letting the food do the talking — Raine Collindale, Sat Feb 18 03:16
      • But talking is fun!Joe Umland, Tue Feb 28 12:46
        Joe smiled back at Raine when she complimented the spice mixture. “Thanks,” he said. “I guess I’m giving away stuff about my background when I admit I asked my friend about whether or not they take... more
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