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Dustin Newell
Might as well learn something
Tue Feb 21, 2017 03:04

As with most school functions, Dustin didn’t really care about the fair. However, he did his best to at least seem fairly positive since both his cousin and his sister had signed up and worked on booths for it. He wasn’t exactly a great sibling/cousin to have and he knew it, but he did try to support their endeavours. Their extracurricular endeavours, at least. Other types made him less enthused. And by other types, he meant boys.

Florence was still a bit young to take much heed in the male sex, but even Dustin could identify the look in Makenzie’s eyes. She smiled at Tobi Reinhardt just a little too much, laughed just a little too loud when he spoke to her. Dustin was certain he would never properly live down the boggart lesson in Defense Against the Dark Arts where his had taken shape of the Teppenpaw sixth year stating his claim to Dustin’s cousin, mostly because Tobi in real life seemed to be infuriatingly kind to all living creatures, but he felt fairly justified in his fear related to him. Dustin was the oldest of four, but for most of his life, he’d been more like the second of five. And now with everything that had happened with the family last summer, and Makenzie having to move in with them and live like a proper sibling, he was utterly terrified of all the all too real possibility of Tobi stealing her from them.

Maybe he was jumping too far ahead - after all, Tobi and Makenzie weren’t even, like, dating - but he couldn’t help it. Nothing like this had ever happened before, and Makenzie was on the cusp of adulthood! She’d be a seventh year next year, her final year at Sonora, and after that, he didn’t know what would happen. Had the family not socially imploded, he would’ve expected a match made for her if she hadn’t yet found a suitable guy to marry, and she’d live at home briefly until the wedding could be managed. But that wasn’t really an option now. So would she be off to college? Would she move out and find a job? Would she run off to live in Turner’s Point with the Reinhardts, choosing them over the Newells like she had over midterm, like her mother had chosen the Hartfields? He knew that thought wasn’t fair, and that if Makenzie could have heard his thought process, she would have likely burst into tears or something. But Dustin was hurting too. He was supposed to be heir to a fortune and prowess. Now it seemed like all he was heir to was disaster and sadness.

As he headed over to check out the Chile booth, a memory returned to him. Dustin saw himself sitting on Makenzie’s father’s lap, not more than maybe four or five. ”You’ll take care of my daughter, won’t you, Dustin? You’ll always look out for Makenzie?” Uncle Nelson asked. The small Dustin bobbed his head seriously. “Good boy. You’ll be a good leader someday, just like your dad and Grandpa” - he laughed - “and heck, maybe even me.” Nelson ruffled Dustin’s fluffy brown hair, and the young boy smiled. His father was older than Makenzie’s, so in a way, Dustin had always felt like he was better than her. But nowadays, it seemed pretty silly. She was just… family.

Dustin arrived to check out her booth, but she was not there. He sighed. It must not have been her turn or whatever. He’d head over to France soon to check out Flo’s stuff, but for the moment, he was already here, so he figured he might as well stick around a bit. “Okay,” he said to the group member currently set up at the booth. “Teach me something about Chile.”

  • ChileDH Skies, Sat Feb 18 00:09
    Selina was pleased with how the fair had come together. The students had certainly put a lot of effort in, and she was looking forward to having a chance to explore the booths herself, once Chile was ... more
    • Might as well learn something — Dustin Newell, Tue Feb 21 03:04
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