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One last date at Sonora (Jake)
Wed Feb 22, 2017 11:00

Ginger loved their South Korea booth. It didn't have a rainforest or anything, but they had some Korean food, and costumes, and most of the group had learned enough of the Korean alphabet from Kir that they could make bookmarks for the booth visitors with their names written in Korean letters (or at least fake it well enough that most people who weren't actually of Korean descent probably wouldn't know the difference).

Amelia, Emerald, and Kit, as the team's Aladrens, had led the way in finding out about the country's History and Government and Culture and Other Key Facts, and Ginger had been happy to volunteer to help arrange all of that information into visually appealing educational posters and dioramas for visitors to view. Jake had helped, too, of course.

It had all come together very nicely, she thought, as she looked at their assembled booth on the pitch. "The booth looks great, we look great, the food smells great, and let's all have a great day today!" she enthused. She volunteered herself and Jake to take the first shift of covering the booth, and told the rest to go out and see the rest of the fair.

She initially handled making the bookmarks while Jake answered questions and made sure the food didn't run out, then they switched places for the second half of their shift. Soon enough, the next shift arrived and she and Jake headed out to see what the rest of the fair had on offer.

"Where to first?"

OOC: Booth details pulled together based on guesswork and what was said at the planning meeting.

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    • One last date at Sonora (Jake) — Ginger , Wed Feb 22 11:00
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