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Jake Manger
Teach 'em how to say goodbye, say goodbye, you and I~
Wed Feb 22, 2017 21:30

Jake was generally a chipper person, as anyone who had ever been in the same thirty foot radius as him could attest, but today, he found himself pressing for a smile. As much as he wanted to ignore it, there was no way he could push the thought away fully. This was the end of Sonora career. His last day.

Spending it with Ginger lessened his sorrow some, at least. She was his greatest treasure and a more than fitting distraction, as long as she herself was still smiling. That was what mattered, really. He had always been a kind person, but having someone so important in his life had taught him real selflessness.

He wore the costume for their booth on South Korea, despite feeling entirely silly in it. Jake was generally pretty fond of more western clothes, although Ginger of course looked adorable in hers, so much so that with them on shift at the booth, he didn’t even mind fumbling through bad Korean to write people’s names on bookmarks. He found immediately after switching to that job that he definitely preferred fielding questions and supplying food. That was way easier.

But soon enough, their shift concluded, and they were off to explore the other booths. “Oh, I don’t know,” he replied. “Maybe Brazil? I bet Professor Xavier has a lot of cool plants and stuff in that rain forest. I also promised Soph- Professor O’Malley,” he amended, “that I’d stop by Israel. But wherever you wanna go first is fine by me.” Jake also wouldn’t have minded just disappearing into the pseudo rain forest with her, but of course, he was not the type to suggest such a thing. And all time with her was precious, whatever form it took. Especially today.

He felt himself looking at her a little longer than was technically polite, and as he caught her eye, he smiled. “Sorry,” he said, chuckling softly at himself. Even this far into the relationship, he found himself blushing. “I didn’t mean to stare. I was just thinking about… about how much I love you.” It wasn’t the first time he’d said those words to her - Jake felt no constraints about announcing his feelings, and he probably told people or things that he loved them a hundred times a day - but the tone was weighted with something heavy, something real. The feeling of not just loving, but of being in love.

  • One last date at Sonora (Jake)Ginger , Wed Feb 22 11:00
    Ginger loved their South Korea booth. It didn't have a rainforest or anything, but they had some Korean food, and costumes, and most of the group had learned enough of the Korean alphabet from Kir... more
    • Teach 'em how to say goodbye, say goodbye, you and I~ — Jake Manger, Wed Feb 22 21:30
      • Ginger was thinking about their choices for where to go first - she was definitely curious about that rainforest, but seeing Professor O'Malley's kids was definitely a draw, too (seeing the teachers... more
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