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Lionel Layne
Admiring the artwork.
Wed Feb 22, 2017 22:04

His last night at Sonora. It didn’t quite seem real. Lionel had opted out of participating in the Fair so he could study for his RATS (how he had done on them after all that was…something he was choosing not to think about yet. He was sure he had passed, at least most of them, but he was not as sure that he had passed by a large enough margin to make Granddad and Grandmother happy), but now that it was upon them, he saw other advantages to having done so. His sister was stuck at one booth – happily, admittedly, by the looks of it; Aladrens – but he got to walk around and see all of them, not to mention sample all their food.

Everyone, it seemed, had taken the food angle and run with it, and Lionel greatly appreciated that they had done that. Not all of it tasted that great to him, and Merlin knew he couldn’t pronounce all the names of all the dishes (or, frankly, probably even a majority of the dishes), but it was fascinating to see what was the same, what was different, how different people used the same ingredients in different ways….He really understood, he thought, for one of the first times, why cooking was sometimes said to be like art. It was all the same sets of pigments, but one could do a million different things with them, each surprising and novel.

Food art was still, however, not something he knew as much about as real art. Poland held no innate interest for him, but as he wandered by it, expecting their food samples to be pretty bland and being pleasantly surprised to find something that both looked and tasted a lot like candy, he became intrigued by part of the display. It was not the colorful costumes a couple of the people were wearing, the stupid hat John Umland was wearing, or the ramble about magical creatures John Umland was subjecting some poor soul to, but rather, the artwork depicting the creatures John was rambling about whilst wearing his stupid hat. Moving carefully so as not to attract the Aladren’s attention (Aladrens. He knew them too well), he got close enough to examine them more closely and then saw another member of the group.

“I’m guessing I know who did these,” he said to Sutton, smiling. “They’re really good.”

  • Poland!Rory Taransay, Mon Feb 13 15:04
    Rory was proud of what his group had come up with. The initial meeting had boded well, everyone having ideas and sorting out who would do what, and the productivity had continued. Looking around at... more
    • Admiring the artwork. — Lionel Layne, Wed Feb 22 22:04
      • Pleased at the admiration.Sutton Nicolls, Wed Feb 22 22:26
        Sutton was thankful that she hadn’t had to do much of the academic work required for the booth. She had been content to do the artwork and to study John Umland. She still couldn’t fathom Aislinn’s... more
        • Pleased to be noticed.Lionel, Thu Feb 23 22:07
          Lionel knew it wasn’t very nice of him, but he couldn’t help but smile when he saw Sutton look at John when talking about people who might scare him (or, he guessed, anyone; he doubted she had been... more
    • Fantastic beasts: here's where to find them!John Umland, Tue Feb 14 20:10
      By the time the festival officially began, John had been preparing for it for hours. He was sure of his facts, so studying as such was no more necessary than it ever was, but he wanted to make sure... more
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