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Sutton Nicolls
Pleased at the admiration.
Wed Feb 22, 2017 22:26

Sutton was thankful that she hadn’t had to do much of the academic work required for the booth. She had been content to do the artwork and to study John Umland. She still couldn’t fathom Aislinn’s taste. She had nearly drifted to sleep a couple of the times that he had been talking during their part of the project, however, paying close attention to some detail of his face, such as his nose or an ear had kept her focused. She just pretended that she was supposed to be studying him so that she could draw him later. It seemed to be the only way to make him appearing at all. Aside from the interest in angles that made up John Umland, she had decided that Aislinn was absolutely insane to like John. He was without a doubt that most boring person that she had ever met in her life. She seriously hoped that her sister would meet someone interesting over the summer. Perhaps, she would try to find someone for her.

She was lost in these thoughts when she heard Lionel speaking to her. Sutton offered him a smile and got up from the chair that she had been sitting on. “Oh, thanks! I’m glad that you came to our booth. I was afraid that someone – “ her eyes drifted to the one currently speaking continuously” – would scare you off. Anyhow, I haven’t seen you around much. But then, it seems that the RATS always scare the seventh years into hiding.” She laughed a bit, but it really wasn’t that far off. The CATS also seemed to make the fifth years retreat to either their rooms or the library. Even she had studied for them and she didn’t feel confident that she had passed everything, she had passed most of her subjects. It was at least enough to allow her to continue school for the next couple of years.

“Soon you’ll be free of this place,” Sutton commented, though, she was a little sad to see him go. He had been one of the rare people that she felt she could actually be friends with. But then wasn’t that the way things usually went? Every time that someone came along, they inevitably went away.

  • Admiring the artwork.Lionel Layne, Wed Feb 22 22:04
    His last night at Sonora. It didn’t quite seem real. Lionel had opted out of participating in the Fair so he could study for his RATS (how he had done on them after all that was…something he was... more
    • Pleased at the admiration. — Sutton Nicolls, Wed Feb 22 22:26
      • Pleased to be noticed.Lionel, Thu Feb 23 22:07
        Lionel knew it wasn’t very nice of him, but he couldn’t help but smile when he saw Sutton look at John when talking about people who might scare him (or, he guessed, anyone; he doubted she had been... more
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