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Simon Mordue
Probably flirting with disaster.
Thu Feb 23, 2017 18:06

Simon had learned to hide it, to conceal nerves behind a solemn expression as though he were merely a very serious and refined person instead of a nervous one, but he did not think he could blame all of the sweat annoyingly beading up on the back of his neck on the midsummer sun. His role was relatively minor – hand out the pamphlets on history and culture he and Caelia had put together and answer a question if it was directed directly to him and he knew the answer – but he still felt the pressure of the stage. Quidditch had helped that fear, helped a lot – his uncle had slapped his back when he told the family about his first game and said that the game would make a man out of him, and if being a man was only half-panicking whenever people chased him with weapons, he guessed his uncle was right – but Simon was not sure it would ever really go away completely for him.

Through his nerves, though, he really did think they had all done a good job. He didn’t know how it would have gone without Caelia as an older student to help them out, but she was there and it had worked out for them. They had a booth upright and it had pamphlets and food and what Winston and Kira had done with stories at the very least. Brazil had clearly gone completely over the top and Poland featured some distinctive costumes and so many posters it reminded Simon of all the paintings and photographs that covered the walls in his aunt’s boudoir, but Israel was presentable. He was even prepared to bet that theirs was not going to be the worst booth at the Fair.

He stood up straight and made a point of asking passers-by if they wanted a pamphlet, as he and Caelia had worked hard on them, but he doubted many people found history and archaeology that interesting. He was not totally comfortable inserting himself into conversations among the group members or initiating them with anyone but Winston and sometimes Caelia, so when he found himself without anyone to offer a pamphlet to for several minutes, he looked for something else to do for a moment so he wouldn’t just have to stand in awkward silence. The most appealing option looked like speaking to one of Professor O’Malley’s small children, so Simon smiled at one of them.

“Is the felefel good?” he asked one. They looked old enough to talk, and he thought he remembered running across a game when reading that it might be possible to use them in a demonstration of if they were old enough to understand things. That wasn’t part of the program, really, but it would probably draw more attention than just history and stories and chickpeas, and then maybe people would stay for the rest.

  • Israel!Professor Sophie O'Malley, Mon Feb 13 18:07
    “Stanley Jacob O’Malley, I swear to God if don’t get back here and take your father’s hand right now , so help me, you will be grounded until you’re thirty.” The small, dark-haired boy who had kid... more
    • Probably flirting with disaster. — Simon Mordue, Thu Feb 23 18:06
      • What's flirting?Wally and Stanley O'Malley, Sat Feb 25 16:14
        Wally blinked. There was a big kid talking to him. He glanced at his brother sitting on the ground beside him, but Stanley didn’t seem particularly phased by the big kid, too occupied by his snack.... more
        • ...Someone else will tell you when you're older.Simon Mordue, Tue Feb 28 12:11
          The small child appeared shy. Simon could sympathize with that, and hoped that the child was not one of the heirs in his family, too. People expected the one with the main property to be the face of... more
          • When?Wally and Stanley, Tue Feb 28 19:26
            Stanley looked at the hand offered to him by the big kid for a moment before remembering what he was supposed to do with it. Then he reached out and grasped on, his grip pretty solid for a kid his... more
            • When you're thirty, maybe.Simon, Tue Feb 28 22:23
              Simon withdrew the pamphlet as Stanley declared it boring. Well, it had been worth a try. Things then apparently decided to get worse as the other one curled into a ball at being asked his name... more
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