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Pleased to be noticed.
Thu Feb 23, 2017 22:07

Lionel knew it wasn’t very nice of him, but he couldn’t help but smile when he saw Sutton look at John when talking about people who might scare him (or, he guessed, anyone; he doubted she had been looking for him to come by particularly, had she?) off. John was…a character, no doubt; Lionel felt capable of handling the Aladren in relatively small doses, it was a side effect of having grown up around Uncle Geoff, and even more so Aunt Anne and Gray Wright and even, on a good day, somewhat less so Alicia, but he could see Sutton’s point. He suspected very few people who hadn’t themselves been Sorted into Aladren would risk getting close enough to have the speech directed at them.

“Yeah,” he agreed about RATS. “I mean, on my own, of course, telling me this is the one test that’s going to determine what jobs I can do for the rest of my life isn’t enough to push me into the library, but I thought my grandparents would like it if I went some.” Plus his roommate had decided to become a public exhibitionist recently. Lionel was perfectly fine with acknowledging that girls were pretty and that doing stuff with them sounded appealing, but that didn’t mean he wanted to watch someone else doing said things. “I’ve heard there’s something that does the same to fifth years, now that I think of it,” he joked.

Sutton’s next word choice was as interesting as the look she had given John. “Interesting choice of words,” said Lionel, smiling a bit so she’d hopefully realize he was just teasing a bit. “Someone could get the idea you don’t like it here.” He shrugged. “But yeah, I am almost out. Where I’m going next…who knows?”

It was not an altogether rhetorical statement. Lionel really did not know what he was going to do with his life and didn’t think getting his RATS results was going to help him much with that. The only thing he really truly enjoyed was art, and he had seen how making a living at that could look with his mother. His mother spent more time waiting tables than painting, and selling enough of what she did paint to draw attention from higher up was hard. He did not think Granddad would approve at all if Lionel attempted that, especially since he knew without a doubt that he wasn’t as good as his mom. She had a real talent. He just enjoyed it.

  • Pleased at the admiration.Sutton Nicolls, Wed Feb 22 22:26
    Sutton was thankful that she hadn’t had to do much of the academic work required for the booth. She had been content to do the artwork and to study John Umland. She still couldn’t fathom Aislinn’s... more
    • Pleased to be noticed. — Lionel, Thu Feb 23 22:07
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