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Simon Mordue
...Someone else will tell you when you're older.
Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:11

The small child appeared shy. Simon could sympathize with that, and hoped that the child was not one of the heirs in his family, too. People expected the one with the main property to be the face of the family, and it was just too bad if that one happened to wish his future ability to tell people what to do could include the power to order someone else to be the face of the family and host the biggest parties and do business and do politics and meet with important people instead. Everyone, though, as his father said, had a boss, and tradition was an heir’s.

“Thank you,” he said politely when the small child pointed out where the food was, and then the other child jumped up and tugged on his trouser leg. Simon looked, startled, at the second child, who offered up a name.

“Hello, Stanley,” he said, offering his hand to shake. Did small children do that? He had been taught to by the time he was their age, he thought, for when he met his father’s friends. “I’m here to help your parents with this booth, but I’d be happy to be friends with you, too. Would you like some pamphlets to offer people?” Maybe small, cute children would have an easier time making people take an interest in history and culture. "They are about what children in another country do." He looked back at the seated one. “My name is Simon,” he added to both twins. “What’s yours?” he asked the less bold one.

  • What's flirting?Wally and Stanley O'Malley, Sat Feb 25 16:14
    Wally blinked. There was a big kid talking to him. He glanced at his brother sitting on the ground beside him, but Stanley didn’t seem particularly phased by the big kid, too occupied by his snack.... more
    • ...Someone else will tell you when you're older. — Simon Mordue, Tue Feb 28 12:11
      • When?Wally and Stanley, Tue Feb 28 19:26
        Stanley looked at the hand offered to him by the big kid for a moment before remembering what he was supposed to do with it. Then he reached out and grasped on, his grip pretty solid for a kid his... more
        • When you're thirty, maybe.Simon, Tue Feb 28 22:23
          Simon withdrew the pamphlet as Stanley declared it boring. Well, it had been worth a try. Things then apparently decided to get worse as the other one curled into a ball at being asked his name... more
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