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Joe Umland
But talking is fun!
Tue Feb 28, 2017 12:46

Joe smiled back at Raine when she complimented the spice mixture. “Thanks,” he said. “I guess I’m giving away stuff about my background when I admit I asked my friend about whether or not they take tea,” he joked. “Teatime – “ by which he meant tea with half a sandwich or a bit of toast and a cookie or the like; it was more snacktime than anything, the whole afternoon spread was for special occasions, but everyone stopped being productive for twenty or thirty minutes and had to sit up straight, eat their snacks nicely, and say something interesting he or she had learned that day whenever Mom presided over the regular occasions – “is my mom’s favorite part of the day, I think. Those look good, too." He looked between the vegan and spicy meat options. "Wonder which kind will be tried the most?”

Joe had half-worried about being poked fun at for liking to cook different foods, but it turned out this had been a pretty common interest in the group. He didn’t know if a full-fledged cooking club (as opposed to just baking) was feasible, given how the elves liked to do things for people and what an expensive thing cooking international cuisines could be, but he did hope it could translate into a continuing connection with Raine and Tasha next year. If the secret agenda of the Fair had been to get people to get to know each other better and get along with their now closer acquaintances better, Joe thought the Ethiopia booth might well be a success whether anyone expressed an interest in the divisions of Orthodoxy or had the nerve to try a dish whose spiciness came with a warning label or not.

  • Letting the food do the talkingRaine Collindale, Sat Feb 18 03:16
    Raine was genuinely excited for the fair, and very pleased with how the whole preparation had gone. People had liked her idea. That simple sentence still filled her with a huge bubble of pride and... more
    • But talking is fun! — Joe Umland, Tue Feb 28 12:46
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