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Wally and Stanley
Tue Feb 28, 2017 19:26

Stanley looked at the hand offered to him by the big kid for a moment before remembering what he was supposed to do with it. Then he reached out and grasped on, his grip pretty solid for a kid his age, and shook happily. When the big kid offered him pamphlets, he made a face. “That sounds boring,” he commented bluntly. He didn’t want to just stand around and give people papers. What was he, a paper-man?! No, sirree Bob.

As the big kid - Simon - introduced himself and asked for Wally’s name, it suddenly occurred to him that now was the time to remember that he was shy. He felt very nervous immediately thereafter and sort of curled into himself, pulling up his dangling legs for safety. Stanley rolled his eyes at his twin brother’s sudden freeze up. “He’s Wally,” he stated for the good of the order.

Wally nodded slowly in confirmation of the fact. He managed eventually to pull his big blue eyes back up to Simon, although he looked a little scared to do it. “Are… are there pictures?” he asked weakly. “In the pamphlets.” Wally gave a tentative, sheepish smile. “I like pictures. And I don’t really know how to read.” He had started picking up a few things here and there, and he recognized his name when it was written out, as well as Mom, Dad, and Stanley, but mostly on memory of the appearance and not really on the basis of reading comprehension. But he was trying.

  • ...Someone else will tell you when you're older.Simon Mordue, Tue Feb 28 12:11
    The small child appeared shy. Simon could sympathize with that, and hoped that the child was not one of the heirs in his family, too. People expected the one with the main property to be the face of... more
    • When? — Wally and Stanley, Tue Feb 28 19:26
      • When you're thirty, maybe.Simon, Tue Feb 28 22:23
        Simon withdrew the pamphlet as Stanley declared it boring. Well, it had been worth a try. Things then apparently decided to get worse as the other one curled into a ball at being asked his name... more
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