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When you're thirty, maybe.
Tue Feb 28, 2017 22:23

Simon withdrew the pamphlet as Stanley declared it boring. Well, it had been worth a try. Things then apparently decided to get worse as the other one curled into a ball at being asked his name (maybe he was one of those people who really, really disliked his name for some reason? Simon wouldn’t have thought they were old enough to think of that, but he didn’t remember that much about it himself and therefore supposed he couldn’t say for sure.

Stanley answered for his brother, though, assigning to the other small child the moniker ‘Wally.’ Maybe he was old enough to dislike his name, thought Simon then. He would not like to be called Wally, but it did not seem polite to say so.

“Some pictures,” he said instead. “Of nice buildings and magical sites and things.” He proffered one for Wally’s inspection. “And Miss Lucan draws beautifully. I like reading – I’m sure you will, too, when you learn more – and I like looking at her pictures, too.” Simon looked back and forth between the two, then decided he should ask. “How old are you two?” he asked. He was assuming somewhere between four and six from how well they spoke, but knowing exactly would help him get a better idea of what he should think of them – hopefully, anyway.

  • When?Wally and Stanley, Tue Feb 28 19:26
    Stanley looked at the hand offered to him by the big kid for a moment before remembering what he was supposed to do with it. Then he reached out and grasped on, his grip pretty solid for a kid his... more
    • When you're thirty, maybe. — Simon, Tue Feb 28 22:23
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