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Sunrise over Valley Broad
Wed Mar 1, 2017 02:00

Out on the quidditch pitch, walking side by side with Clark, Lena enjoyed the fair and the last night she would spend in her home. That was what Sonora was after all. Home. She restricted her gaze to the fair, avoiding looking at the castle for fear of tearing up. The sun was starting to set and soon it would be too dark for Lena to make it out anyway. Tonight wasn’t a time for melancholy; she would have the entire wagon ride to feel the loss of her routine, her room, her classes, the Gardens, Quidditch, Clark.


It was when they took a moment to look at the sunset when she heard Clark start “So,” and fear and hope surged within her before he continued “does our time as a couple end with our time at Sonora?”

Lena stilled. Was he hopeful? Did he want to break up after tonight? Would that be easiest for them even if it wasn’t what they wanted? They lived in different continents, their plans for the future were divided, they wouldn’t have much free time- but those were all obstacles to overcome. Ignoring the easier option, she screwed her courage to the sticking place.

“Not unless you want it to.” Until she heard his answer, her head didn’t need to start working out how they would make time for each other- distance wasn’t such a huge barrier when they were witches and wizards. Her house had a Floo connected fireplace, and she was prepared to use a portkey, however uncomfortable especially for such a long trip. As he would be the busier they could work around his time table, time differences be damned. It wouldn’t be easy exactly, but Clark was so important she didn’t want to lose him. He was her best friend, and romance aside even she knew she wanted him in her life.

She looked in Clark’s eyes and hoped his answer would be one that kept them together.

  • Is this our twilight? (tag Lena)Clark Dill, Fri Feb 24 18:55
    The fair was winding down and in the morning the wagons would take them home. In less than 24 hours, Clark would see his last of Sonora Academy. It was a bittersweet thought. He was moving on and up... more
    • Sunrise over Valley Broad — Lena, Wed Mar 1 02:00
      • Befuddled babbling Clark , Wed Mar 1 09:39
        Clark looked away from the sunset to look at Lena in surprise. In truth, he had expected a sad and reluctant but ultimately unavoidable agreement that their time together was ending. Practically... more
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