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Befuddled babbling
Wed Mar 1, 2017 09:39

Clark looked away from the sunset to look at Lena in surprise. In truth, he had expected a sad and reluctant but ultimately unavoidable agreement that their time together was ending. Practically speaking, there were a lot of barriers in the way of continuing their relationship outside of Sonora. Had he thought there was a real chance of it not ending with graduation, he would have widened his college research to include those in England as well as Canada and the US.

Maybe he was the one putting too much credence into blood status because Lena seemed entirely open to the idea of not ending their courtship, and dating past secondary school carried rather more significant weight than dating in secondary school. Like she maybe even thought they had a shot at a future together.

"Oh," he said, his mind reeling and trying to accommodate this new information, while considering logistics and his own future expectations. "I, that, I mean," he stammered, then blurted the one baffling part he hadn't even considered before right now, "Your family would be okay with that?" Olivier had always been perfectly polite and friendly to him, but he'd always kind of gotten the sense that her brother was just tolerating him until Lena moved up to a better quality boyfriend. But maybe he'd misread that and Olivier just wasn't very skilled at making friends and letting people in and it had nothing to do with Clark at all. He briefly regretted not trying harder. But that was neither here nor there. Here was Lena and there was the perceived end of their relationship which maybe wouldn't end there after all.

"I mean, I don't want to break up, I just thought, I assumed, I didn't think it would work out long term. But if you want to try . . . It'll be hard, and if we don't make it, I'd rather stay friends than crush our potential under the pressure of a long distance relationship, but if you want to . . . maybe a trial run? See how hard it really is, and if it's too much, call if off for now, stay friends, and try again after college when we're not so busy and have a better idea of where we're going in life?"

  • Sunrise over Valley BroadLena, Wed Mar 1 02:00
    Out on the quidditch pitch, walking side by side with Clark, Lena enjoyed the fair and the last night she would spend in her home. That was what Sonora was after all. Home. She restricted her gaze to ... more
    • Befuddled babbling — Clark , Wed Mar 1 09:39
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