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Goodbye is for tomorrow not today, don't rush it
Thu Mar 2, 2017 10:20

Ginger was thinking about their choices for where to go first - she was definitely curious about that rainforest, but seeing Professor O'Malley's kids was definitely a draw, too (seeing the teachers as real people with real lives was always pretty cool even if Jake didn't have a familial relationship to them) - when she realized Jake was staring at her. She gave him a quizzical look, reflexively hoping her hair wasn't escaping its ties too badly, but by his enraptured expression she didn't think that was really the problem.

She smiled and felt a warm glow inside her as he confirmed again that he loved her. She jumped at him for a brief but heartfelt hug and kiss, then beamed brightly at him, "It is entirely mutual," she promised sincerely. Squeezing his hand in both of hers, she pulled him a few steps toward Brazil. "I bet that rainforest has some romantic spots in it. Let's go find them."

As they started moving that direction, she wrapped her one arm around his waist and tucked her body comfortably against again his. She was acutely aware that all too soon they would be separated by his graduation and she wanted as much closeness as possible in the meantime.

"We'll definitely hit Israel next," she added in afterthought, making his promise hers as well. She knew Professor O'Mallet was in some convoluted way related to Jake, but as she didn't have much need for clarifications on how her own cousins were related to her, she had trouble remembering the details. "She's your step-sister-in-law or something? Do her kids call you Uncle Jake, or are you more of a cousin?"

  • Jake was generally a chipper person, as anyone who had ever been in the same thirty foot radius as him could attest, but today, he found himself pressing for a smile. As much as he wanted to ignore... more
    • Goodbye is for tomorrow not today, don't rush it — Ginger , Thu Mar 2 10:20
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