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Coach Kinsell
Flying Lessons
Mon Mar 27, 2017 03:26

It was funny how the one thing Tim Kinsell had always sworn he’d never do had turned out to be the thing that finally felt right. Teaching. His parents had done it, his sister had done it, some of his cousins too. Some people said it was in his blood, but as a youngster Tim had had far greater aspirations than sitting in a stuffy classroom lecturing a bunch of equally stuffy kids.

Tim had wanted to be a professional Quidditch player but unfortunately he’d just never quite made the cut. He’d continued to to play in the amateur leagues for quite some time whilst he searched for another career path. He went to university a couple of times, worked in stadium design, sold Quidditch gear and brooms, but nothing ever stuck. He was a good salesman but it didn’t seem to be his calling. And then he made a career change that changed his life forever - he became a Quidditch commentator and eventually he got his big break. It wasn’t the kind of big break he’d been dreaming of since he was a young boy, but his name was a least known by the biggest Quidditch fanatics nationwide.

Through that he had begun to get involved with lower level youth clubs and such and coaching them had made him realise what it was he was really supposed to be doing. So here he was.

“Welcome to flying lessons,” Tim clasped his hands together as he spoke, his eyes scanning over the group of small children gathered in front of him. He had a nice, clear voice and an air of complete confidence. “My name is Coach Kinsell and I will be teaching you to fly this term.”

“I am aware that many of you will be at different levels and some of you will never have touched a broom before but please don’t worry,” Tim smiled. “I’ll have you flying in no time.” He wasn’t planning to push the students faster than they were comfortable with but was confident in his own abilities as an instructor.

“Before we get started, I need to take a quick roll call,” Tim said, reading the names off his list. Taking a register was a chore he wanted to get through quickly, although he knew he should probably take the time to try and remember who answered to which name. He’d pick them up as the year progressed, or at least he would try.

“You will see I have laid out the school brooms for you. Take your place behind a broom each. If you have brought your own brooms, please leave them over there for this lesson.” He didn’t care if some of the students had their own brooms for the first lesson - he wanted to see who was actually competent before he took their word for it. He’d been a cocky young kid once and knew exactly how easy it was to overestimate one’s abilities.

“For those of you who haven’t flown before, please pay close attention whilst I demonstrate,” Tim stood before the line of students and broomsticks with his own laid down beside him.

“First things first, you need to hold out your wand hand and then you’re going to say ‘up’ to command the broom to do just that,” Tim explained before proceeding to do just as he had described. “Up!” He spoke firmly and the broom instantly leapt up to meet his hand.

“It’s quite simple,” he smiled at the first year class. “Be confident and don’t worry if it doesn’t happen for you straight away. Once you’ve achieved that, you may mount your broom and stay up in the air for as long as you feel comfortable. Have a little fly about if you’re happy doing so.”

Tim knew he shouldn’t encourage the kids to show off because of health and safety grounds but he was tempted to. He hadn’t seen any of the Quidditch teams yet and was interested to see if there was any talent at the school.

“Give me a shout if you need help or have any questions or anything,” the new Quidditch Coach told the class. “Be safe and watch out for each other when you're in the air. Now get to it!”

    • I have my doubtsZevalyn Ives, Aladren, Thu Apr 6 10:35
      Zevalyn held serious doubts about this. Well, to be fair, she had a lot of doubts about many of the things she had encountered at Sonora, but broom riding? There was no way this fit into her idea of... more
    • This broomstick is not a skateboardJennifer White, Tue Mar 28 15:14
      The first flying class was something to which Jen had been looking forward, but also had been dreading in equal measures. Despite growing up with her Mom, who was a witch, Jen had never shown any... more
      • Your powers of observation astound meCleo James, Crotalus, Sun Apr 2 02:02
        Cleo had struggled through her first days at Sonora, feeling incredibly homesick but lessons were providing a somewhat enjoyable distraction. She had lived her life on the fringe of magic - aware of... more
        • Sarcasm is lost on meJen, Thu Apr 6 05:04
          It was unfortunate that the other girl had fallen off her broomstick, but she didn't have to be such a sour grape about it. It wasn't as if Jen had been zipping around at high speeds with the sole... more
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