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Jennifer White
This broomstick is not a skateboard
Tue Mar 28, 2017 15:14

The first flying class was something to which Jen had been looking forward, but also had been dreading in equal measures. Despite growing up with her Mom, who was a witch, Jen had never shown any inclination to ride a broomstick, so she hadn’t ever tried. It wasn’t as though broomsticks were exactly cheap, so buying one just to leave it gathering dust in her bedroom hadn’t seemed like a sensible option anyway. She already used her skateboard to get around, and since that was fine for Muggles to see - plus she loves skating and was good at it - Jen would be among those first years who had never rode a broom before. If she liked flying, she could have something to distract her from leaving her skateboard at home. However if she hated flying, her life for the next few months would be Hell. A lot was hanging on this class.

Her black and white canvas shoes were almost entirely concealed by the wide hems of her jeans that dragged in the grass as she made her way to the small gathering of students who had arrived before her on the pitch. Unsure quite how serious Sonora Academy was about its students being in uniform robes all the time, the Aladren had kept hers on, despite her reservations about robes and broomsticks being a good combination. The coach didn’t say anything about robes one way or the other, so Jen decided to wear hers for now and take it off if it did actually become a problem.

After roll call, Jen walked up behind a broomstick that seemed to have fewer bent and broken twigs in its tail that others, and instructed it up. Her voice caught in her throat the first time, which was just typical. Hoping, but not really caring, that nobody had seen, Jen tried again. This second attempt allowed her voice to expel naturally through her throat, and the broomstick obeyed her command. It was satisfying. As far as she could tell, getting the broom into your hand was the easy bit. She had been listening for instructions on how to mount the broom, but none had been delivered. Just mount it.

“No problem,” Jen muttered as she grasped the broom handle firmly with both hands and swung a leg over. Actually it was surprisingly easy, she thought. So, as the first two tasks had been accomplished with no drama, Jen saw no reason to concern herself that pushing off and hovering would be anything beyond her capabilities. She bent her knees, and pushed as hard as she dared. With a thrill of exhilaration, she rose about a foot into the air, drifted sideways slowly, and gently bumped into another person. “Student flier, still learning,” she said in an apologetic tone, in lieu of an actual apology.

  • Flying LessonsCoach Kinsell, Mon Mar 27 03:26
    It was funny how the one thing Tim Kinsell had always sworn he’d never do had turned out to be the thing that finally felt right. Teaching. His parents had done it, his sister had done it, some of... more
    • I have my doubtsZevalyn Ives, Aladren, Thu Apr 6 10:35
      Zevalyn held serious doubts about this. Well, to be fair, she had a lot of doubts about many of the things she had encountered at Sonora, but broom riding? There was no way this fit into her idea of... more
    • This broomstick is not a skateboard — Jennifer White, Tue Mar 28 15:14
      • Your powers of observation astound meCleo James, Crotalus, Sun Apr 2 02:02
        Cleo had struggled through her first days at Sonora, feeling incredibly homesick but lessons were providing a somewhat enjoyable distraction. She had lived her life on the fringe of magic - aware of... more
        • Sarcasm is lost on meJen, Thu Apr 6 05:04
          It was unfortunate that the other girl had fallen off her broomstick, but she didn't have to be such a sour grape about it. It wasn't as if Jen had been zipping around at high speeds with the sole... more
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