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Captain John Umland
Aladren Quidditch Try-outs!
Fri Mar 31, 2017 13:15

There was, John thought wearily, precisely one good thing about the ongoing saga of who, exactly, was going to take the reins of power from him next year, and this one thing was that the way the saga was playing out meant he was reasonably sure he had both Jack and Louis still in place. With the way the year was going so far, John thought he probably needed two assistants, but the fact was that he would have attempted to get them right now even had he felt up to being the very best captain who ever had captained just because he also needed numbers.

You will never know how much I miss you, Clark, he thought as he got the Pitch ready, hoping enough people would show up and that he would not have to aid Jack and Louis in going around twisting arms. For the first time ever, the twenty-four hour limit on the number of things he could do in a day was posing a real problem for him and he was terrible with people anyway. The only strategy he thought he could effectively use to recruit people was to threaten to hit them with his bat if they didn’t show up, and that was the kind of thing that would land him back in the Headmaster’s office. He would have had enough of that for one year even had he had no other problems, and frankly at the moment he did. He was more than half-tempted to tell Jack he was just the captain now because John did not have time for this and was going to go back to being a Beater, but he knew he needed all the resume support he could get now that the University of Calgary was probably not an option for him and would hold out for a while longer for at least some title like Captain Emeritus.

He decided the younger players did not need to know all the drama going on behind the scenes, though, so he had carefully prepared his remarks while gulping down his second pot of tea of the day to get around doing so. He forced a smile as people showed up and reminded himself that he had run a club for several years now and had kept a massive secret from everyone around him for nearly ten years before that. He was not as socially inept as he had always been told he was and could therefore give this speech.

“Afternoon, everyone,” he said, forcing cheer into his voice. “Welcome back, or just welcome – I’m glad you’re all here. I’m John Umland.” He brushed aside a series of fractured thoughts which tried to form as he referred to himself as such despite the falling out with his family, which had given him his surname as a gift – he had not inherited it by right, by blood. Of the five children in their family, only his brother Stephen had done that, and from a less reputable sub-branch of the family than Mom and Dad even so. “I’m glad you’re here.” He’d already said that. “And you should be, too, because I am confident we are going to reclaim the championship this year.” He wasn’t, but he had gathered this was the sort of lie he was obliged by the requirements of his office to tell.

“You should also meet Jack Spencer and Louis Valois, my – sub-captains.” It worked as a phrase, he supposed. “Most of you will see more of them than you do of me, I’m afraid – I’m a Beater and I’ll mostly be working to train our new Seeker, whoever that is, so Jack is in charge of teaching those of you who work with the Quaffle to do that and Louis will do most of the – teaching you not to get hit by a Bludger. Still, if you have a question and I’m the first one you see, you can ask me; if I don’t know, I’ll just tell you where to find them.

“If you could all – it would be good if you introduced yourselves and the positions you want so I – we can all put names to any faces we don’t know. Then everyone get a broom and fly three laps around the Pitch so I can see how you do there.” Later, he’d hit some practice Bludgers at them to see how quick they were to flinch; he was reasonably sure he’d just keep Amelia as the Seeker since he’d already trained her some last year, but if he had a prodigy, he was certainly not going to pass it up.

OOC: Welcome to try-outs! All site posting rules apply. Appointments are made based on writing skill and realism, so making your characters unrealistically talented (Jane the First Year did three perfect Wronski Feints in a row before catching the Snitch while facing in the opposite direction from it and not even turning her head, greatly impressing Captain Umland) is not the way to make them more likely to get the spot they want. Of all the Quidditch players I’ve ever written, the one who I believe earned the most OOC points had perhaps the least IC skill of the lot. Note the position your character wants in either dialogue or narration, and if you have any questions post a note for me on the OOC board or, if we’re there at the same time, catch me in Chatzy as Amelia Layne. Have fun!

    • Sorting the confusion [tag Jack (and maybe John)]Louis Valois, Fri Apr 7 13:47
      It was odd to see John standing there, giving the captain’s speech. It wasn’t meant in a bad way, but last year Louis had got used to Clark being the captain, and John being his fellow beater, albeit ... more
      • Consider it sorted.Jack Spencer, Wed Apr 12 06:22
        Jack felt nervous on the pitch this year, and it wasn't because he was nervous about try-outs. He glanced at John, then Louis, wondering if they had spoken about this co-captaincy. Would John choose... more
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