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Assistant Captain Ginger Pierce
Teppenpaw Try-Outs
Wed Apr 5, 2017 11:29

Liac liked to involve Ginger in the running of the Quidditch team and she occasionally was in charge of running a practice every now and then. Today, though, she was running the try-outs. She'd done that before, too, and he was right there, so she wasn't too worried about it.

What she was worried about was numbers. There were very few names on her list. They had barely pulled a full team last year, and had needed their one reserve. Now Jake had graduated, leaving them down a Seeker, and Tobi lad left too. Also, she hadn't seen Gabe or his cousin since coming back to school this year, so it was possible the Valentis had changed schools, though she hadn't heard that officially.

Unless Jozua got up off the bench (and he hadn't even signed up so far) and they got at least two new people, the current year was not looking promising for Teppenpaw Quidditch.

"Hi, everyone!" she greeted cheerfully once the scheduled time to begin had rolled around. She had cause to be cheerful. There were already more people present than there were on the sign-up sheet in her hand, and that showed promise. It didn't look like she'd have to beg Jozua, at least, to come back. He'd arrived as a walk on, like he had last year, just as she'd been really hoping he would.

"Congratulations," she added a bit wryly, "You've all made the team. Obviously, numbers are a bit of a problem again this year, so if you know anyone interested, please encourage them. If we don't get a full roster, we'll still hold practices and train, but we may not be able to play unless another House has a similar problem. For now though, we'll just settle which positions everyone here should be assigned to, in the case we can fill out a full roster. For those of you not signed up already, any preferences?" Once she added those names and positions to her list, they were ready to begin.

"We'll start with basic warm ups. First, some stretches, then one lap of jogging around the pitch. After that we'll do three laps of flying. At that point, we should all have remembered how brooms work if we couldn't practice over the summer." This was a problem Ginger herself had, living as she did mostly in muggle camping areas during the summer.

"Our first priority is to fill our open Seeker spot, so we'll start tryouts by seeing if we have any Seeking talent among us. From there, we'll move on to Chaser and Beater." She didn't see much point in having tryouts for Keeper as that was her own position, unless she found herself in the unlikely position of having the most Seeker talent present.

"So start stretching," she set actions to words and bent over to touch her toes.

OOC: Walk ons are very welcome. Just answer Ginger's question about preferred positions. Liac's decision that she should run occasional practices is assumed based on his internal monologue in previous games. Likewise his handing over the tryouts to her is assumed, based on necessity to get the tryouts posted. Feel free to post about just the particular part of the try-out that you feel is most relevant to your character (but if you don't mind, please include as least an overview of your Seeking performance if only as an internal monologue that your character is glad that exercise in humiliation is over). You don't need to cover the whole thing unless you want to. This is just to get a basic idea of your IC skill (so you can be assigned to a position that makes IC sense) and assess writing ability which is how we actually get points in games.

    • Do you want to be my nemesis, Ginger?Jozua Sparks, Wed Apr 5 12:39
      OOC: Ginger is mine, so I give myself permission to write for her. BIC: Jozua had seen the dearth of names beneath Ginger and Joe's. He had resisted adding his as a form or protest to prove her... more
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