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Jozua Sparks
Do you want to be my nemesis, Ginger?
Wed Apr 5, 2017 12:39

OOC: Ginger is mine, so I give myself permission to write for her. BIC:

Jozua had seen the dearth of names beneath Ginger and Joe's. He had resisted adding his as a form or protest to prove her really wasn't that into Quidditch and people should not count on him as a player. But Ginger was counting on him. He could see that every time their eyes met and she meaningfully looked at the bulletin board (if they were in the Common Room) as if to remind him, 'hey, there's something you didn't do yet!' He pretended not to notice. It was harder not to notice the look of worry and disappointment.

So he knew showing up would be akin to signing up, and not just as a reserve this time either. He knew that.

But if he didn't, he also knew he was on the top of Ginger's go to list for arm twisting and he'd really rather avoid causing them both the trouble and pain, so here he was.

He sighed as he was asked which positions he liked because the only honest answer was the one she had dibs on. "Preferably not beater," he said instead, as that preference might actually be considered and accommodated. "And I'm not that good at Chasing either," he added in case she hadn't noticed that in the last game they had. Of course that left Seeker - the most important position in the game so obviously not the one for Jozua - and hers, which he'd already decided not to get into a bidding war over, so he had less expectation that his lack of talent would be material given the lack of other people trying out today.

He stretched, upon being told to do so, mostly just copying what those around him were doing, then puffed his way through the jog. He wasn't horribly out of shape or anything, as he enjoyed climbing, pretending to fight monsters, and walking for miles exploring new places as his primary hobbies, but when speed was called for he was far more a sprinter than an endurance runner and he was heaving for air and barely stumbling nevermind jogging anymore as he finished his lap.

He took his first flying lap slow, trying to catch his breath from his run, but her next two went quicker and easier once he could breathe again. He'd gotten a real Quidditch broom over the summer and had been practicing with it (so yeah, his reluctance to join the team was totally expected to end in futility, though not being a reserve hadn't really factored into his plans at all and was the source of more of his resentment over the current situation) so the flying part came naturally enough now, even at the higher speeds that were standard in Quidditch, though he still preferred a more sedate pace when given a choice.

Then it was Seeking time, which actually was not as disastrous as he expected it to be. He'd never been much of a ball player so catching and throwing and coordinating with teammates were not things he had much experience or skill in. However, a snitch barely counted as a ball. It was little and had wings, and it was actually fun, chasing it down and pretending it was a troublesome miscreant creature that needed to be captured for the good of wizardkind. He could also keep his speeding limited to when it made sense to go fast instead of needed to fly near his limit all the time, which was one of his many problems with Chasing.

He still doubted he was an ideal Seeker, but he did catch a practice snitch and he wasn't as awful at it as most of his Quidditch skills seemed to be.

The Chasing and Beater segments did go as badly as he expected them to go.

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