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Sarcasm is lost on me
Thu Apr 6, 2017 05:04

It was unfortunate that the other girl had fallen off her broomstick, but she didn't have to be such a sour grape about it. It wasn't as if Jen had been zipping around at high speeds with the sole intention of unseating her classmates. She had barely nudged the grumpy heap of limbs on the ground giving her attitude. “I'm glad you understand,” Jen replied, with insincere cheerfulness.

The Attitude had righted herself, and, reassured she hadn't caused the other girl any damage, Jen diverted her attention back to her broomstick. It still was drifting sideways, but at a slightly different angle now. She lightly tugged and twitched the broom handle, her long fingers curling with unfamiliarity around the polished wood. After a short series of jumpy movements she successfully ceased moving, an uncomfortably short distance from the girl she'd already hit (or lightly touched,as was more accurate). “Close call,” she said, wondering if her successful collision prevention would pardon her initial transgression in the eyes of the Attitude.

Speaking of eyes (or thinking of them, at any rate), there was a smudge on her glasses that Jen would very much like to clean, but that would necessitate taking her hands off her broom, and she didn't think that was the best plan right now. Not that she thought flying with minimally obstructed vision was ideal, either, but it was by far the lesser of two evils in the given scenario.

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    • Sarcasm is lost on me — Jen, Thu Apr 6 05:04
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