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Zevalyn Ives, Aladren
I have my doubts
Thu Apr 6, 2017 10:35

Zevalyn held serious doubts about this. Well, to be fair, she had a lot of doubts about many of the things she had encountered at Sonora, but broom riding? There was no way this fit into her idea of How The World Worked. Broomsticks simply did not have the aerodynamics to allow for flight. It was ridiculous and trope-y and she resented the brooms' very existence.

She took one anyway when instructed to do so because she was a good student and disobeying a teacher's direct order was not a thing she could do without greater cause than that she had some vague notion that riding a broom played into a Hollywood stereotype she wanted no part in living.

She put her hand out over the blasted thing and grudgingly told it, "Up." Naturally, as she expected, nothing happened.

This was like that David Eddings series. The Will and the Word. She'd done the Word, but with no Will behind it, it couldn't work. She wondered if the specific word mattered. She'd feel a little better about this whole thing if they were using a more respectable word. Up sounded so . . . elementary. Wouldn't it sound more adult, more credible and scientific if they decried Ascend or Elevate instead? At least the spells from classes all sounded vaguely Latin, which gave them all an air of classical age and respectability.

"Up" just sounded petulant.

Some of her classmates were started to get into the air now, and she couldn't let a bunch of eleven year olds show her up. She gathered her Will together and gave it a real try now, "Up!" she ordered, because for all she knew, it was keyword activated and the specific word did matter. Maybe later, once she'd gotten it working on the default setting, she could experiment and try other variants.

A twitch and a small rise then it fell back into its grassy cradle.

Annoyed now that she'd made a real effort and still failed, she became determined to best this glorified wooden stick. She narrowed her eyes at it and demanded, "Up!"

Less response than last time; just the twitch this time, no rise. And barely any twitch either.

Calm. She remained irritated, but she tried to settle herself and not rush through it. Magic was a delicate art. She couldn't remember which fictional character said that, but she was pretty sure they were right. Almost every book she'd read with magic in it insisted you needed to center yourself and work from a place of calm. Even those that did value strong emotion tended to get violence or fire from anger, and that really wasn't what she was going for here.

So calm. Breathe in. Breathe out. Hold her hand over the broom, ready to catch it. Believe it would work. It defied all physics, but her classmates were getting it, so empirical evidence proved it could be done. Gather Will. Release it with the Word. "Up!"

The broom leapt up into her hand.

Okay, good. Achievement earned. Ten XP. Not bad.

She was still reluctant to actually get astride it though. Looking at one of her nearby classmates, who had already managed to mount theirs, she asked in some concern, "Isn't that uncomfortable? Sitting on a skinny stick like that? Doesn't it give you a wedgie?"

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