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Louis Valois
Sorting the confusion [tag Jack (and maybe John)]
Fri Apr 7, 2017 13:47 (XFF:,

It was odd to see John standing there, giving the captainís speech. It wasnít meant in a bad way, but last year Louis had got used to Clark being the captain, and John being his fellow beater, albeit a far more experienced beater, and also the assistant captain. Still, in all the previous years heíd adjusted quickly to having a new captain, and he saw no reason as to why this year would be any different.

His musings were interrupted by hearing John refer to him and Jack as Ďsub-captainsí. Aha! So John had talked to Jack, then, and presumably some sort of conclusion had been reached. Johnís training plan sounded pretty similar to last yearís, so nothing too new there. And last yearís game had got them to the championship game, even if they hadnít quite managed to cinch a win.

Louis wasnít sure if he was meant to introduce himself or not, seeing as John had already vaguely done so, but he figured that it was good to make sure everyone knew that his face was that of Louis Valois, to avoid confusion. Once the introductions were done, he grabbed his broom and flew the three laps around the pitch. Age and experience meant that he was one of the faster fliers, so he decided to use the time before their next task productively.

ďHey Jack,Ē he said, walking over to stand next to the older boy. ďWhatís the situation with this sub-captain business? I hope you donít think Iím trying to usurp you, or anything Ė I donít know why Professor Carter nominated me as assistant captain, and Iím happy to step down from any sort of extra role if thatís easiest.Ē

Part of Louis wanted to be the assistant captain, of course. However, he was happy to wait another year in the interest of fairness. He was pretty much guaranteed to have his turn, anyway, and he didnít want Jack to be disadvantaged just because the substitute professor had made a mistake. It wasnít worth it, both for the sake of the team and for the sake of his friendship with Jack.

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    • Sorting the confusion [tag Jack (and maybe John)] — Louis Valois, Fri Apr 7 13:47
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