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Assistant Captain Sammy Meeks
Pecari tryouts!
Fri Apr 7, 2017 21:58

“Alright, cool,” Sammy grinned at the band of Pecaris before her. She had just finished reading off the signup sheet and talking to any walk-ons about their preferred positions and was now ready to move onto the actual tryout. She was really excited about how much more of a hands-on approach she was getting to take this year. Joella was a great Captain, but she was a seventh year now, which meant the team would soon be in Sammy’s very capable hands, and she wanted to be ready.

Sammy led the Pecaris in a jogged lap and then two flown laps around the Pitch’s circumference. After that was the obstacle course, which greatly resembled the one Joella had set up last year. Sammy had greatly enjoyed it last year, personally; it was a great way to build skilled, agile flyers, which were a necessity to win in a game like Quidditch.

“Okay, time to split up into positions,” said Sammy. She then explained what would happen: Beaters would follow her over to a designated area to hit stuff at stuff. Mostly balls at dummies, but if it was just her and Ben, then maybe at each other if they felt silly and nobody was looking. The Chasers were going with Ingrid to run some passing drills, zooming down the Pitch until eventually they made it to whoever’s turn it was to be Keeper and tried to take a shot. And for any Seekers, a Snitch would be roaming about. There would of course be time to switch positions - she recalled offhand that some first year had signed up for “Any” position, so that kid needed swapped around - but for now, everybody had to start someplace.

The brunette looked between the Pecaris before her. These were the kids who would take home the Cup this year, she just knew it. That trophy would return to its rightful home in the House of the boar. “So let’s get this show on the road, yeah?” she grinned, jumping back on her broom.

    • Time to shine.Lily Spencer, Wed Apr 12 06:06
      Since Jamie had graduated, that left a very important position open, one Lily had been very keen on trying out for. She loved being a Chaser, she did, and she liked the other Chasers she worked with... more
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