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Lily Spencer
Time to shine.
Wed Apr 12, 2017 06:06

Since Jamie had graduated, that left a very important position open, one Lily had been very keen on trying out for. She loved being a Chaser, she did, and she liked the other Chasers she worked with - she particularly loved Joella and was going to be very sad when she graduated. But Seeker was something new and exciting and available for her, and she didn't want to pass it over. Even if she didn't make it and a first year proved more competent at the position than her, at least she could say she tried.

Lily had told Sammy and Joella earlier on that she was thinking about trying out for Seeker. She didn't have loads of experience with the position, but in their training and unofficial scrimmages outside of school, it wasn't difficult to pick it up. She tried not to hope too much for the position, but part of her couldn't wait. She practised in the MARS sports room beforehand, adamant to do her best.

She joined the others the day of tryouts and easily kept up with Sammy during their laps around the pitch. The obstacle course was a bit more difficult, but the adrenaline kept Lily going. It was fun, engaging and kept her mind focused on the task at hand.

When it came time to split into different groups, Lily hesitated. She could follow Ingrid and practise with the Chasers - she would be guaranteed a spot, that was certain. Or she could take a chance and try out for the open Seeker position to try something new. With her fellow Chasers she would have the comfortable community she was used to; as a Seeker she would have to give that up and rely solely on herself. Lily took a deep breath and gripped her broom.

She was going to do it.

Lily rose up on her broom and started looking for the elusive Snitch. It felt strange and empty at first, sitting up in the air with nothing to do, so she flew around with her eyes narrowed. Maybe this was a terrible idea, trying out for something like this. It wasn't even as exciting as she'd imagined it to be. Why would anyone ever want - and then Lily spotted a glint of gold and she zoomed after it. Her sharp eyes were glued to it as she soared closer and closer, but it suddenly disappeared in a blink and Lily was stuck with nothing again. "Blast it!" she exclaimed, but rose up again anyway to start looking again. It wouldn't be easy, but she was determined to find it and make Pecari proud. They would win the cup this year.

  • Pecari tryouts!Assistant Captain Sammy Meeks, Fri Apr 7 21:58
    “Alright, cool,” Sammy grinned at the band of Pecaris before her. She had just finished reading off the signup sheet and talking to any walk-ons about their preferred positions and was now ready to... more
    • Time to shine. — Lily Spencer, Wed Apr 12 06:06
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