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Jack Spencer
Consider it sorted.
Wed Apr 12, 2017 06:22

Jack felt nervous on the pitch this year, and it wasn't because he was nervous about try-outs. He glanced at John, then Louis, wondering if they had spoken about this co-captaincy. Would John choose a favourite? Would he and Louis feel the need to fight at all? Jack scratched his head, hoping this wasn't a terrible mistake. At least, this was the best they could do given their professor's apparent favouritism.

Drama and confusion aside, he hoped loads of first years would join, particularly competent first years who were willing to learn. Aladren had lost to Crotalus last year, but it would be more embarrassing to not even be able to put together a full team.

As he stood there with John and Louis, Jack nodded at the team when he was mentioned. So they were going to be sub-captains. He didn't know if he liked the sound of that when really the Assistant Captain position should have been his, but Jack knew he wasn't going to do anything about it. He liked Louis, and it wasn't his fault that the professor had made a mistake. Maybe it was better this way; then at least if Jack did have to bow out of Quidditch at the very last minute because of his 'condition,' Louis would be more than capable to take over. Not that Jack was ever going to let that happen, of course.

After the introductions and warm-ups, Jack was waiting for his Chasers to finish when Louis approached him. He hadn't spoken to him since finding out about the incident; it hadn't been purposeful, simply a lack of time with Prefect duties and readjusting to academic life. Louis cut straight to the chase and Jack knew he liked Louis for a reason. However, he wasn't going to be the one to tell him to step down even if sharing the position of sub-captain hurt his pride a little.

"I don't know what happened with assistant captain," he said, swallowing his bitterness temporarily, "but I'm not opposed to sharing this sub-captain position with you. I have a hunch John made up the term on the spot." He grinned to show he was teasing. "He and I talked about it, and I'm OK with sharing it with you. It might be better for the team, having the three of us in charge of our respective groups. All that matters is that we win this year." That last sentence he fully believed, and Jack stuck out his hand with a smile. "Looking forward to working with you, Valois," he said. "And I didn't get to say this earlier, but congrats on making Prefect."

It felt good being gracious about this entire thing, and he hoped his friendship with John and Louis would only grow closer as they worked together.

  • Sorting the confusion [tag Jack (and maybe John)]Louis Valois, Fri Apr 7 13:47
    It was odd to see John standing there, giving the captainís speech. It wasnít meant in a bad way, but last year Louis had got used to Clark being the captain, and John being his fellow beater, albeit ... more
    • Consider it sorted. — Jack Spencer, Wed Apr 12 06:22
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