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AC Sammy Meeks, Beater
Let's start this show off with a bang!
Fri May 5, 2017 01:27

Finally, at last, it was Sammy’s favorite day of the year: game day. She had always worked hard, and she worked even harder as Assistant Captain than before she had been given the title, and this was the day when all of her hardwork was to pay off. All of the team’s hard work, too; she certainly wasn’t going out there alone today.

She was pleased - and maybe a bit too loud (sorry, Sutton) - to report the dream she had the night before to any available ears she could find. The details were sketchy, blowing away like leaves on the wind as she woke up more and more, but the end result remained emblazoned into her psyche: it was a dream about Quidditch, about Pecari coming out on top.

Of course, in the dream, she was pretty sure they were playing Aladren, and also Clark Dill was still there, and he was flying on a magical floating dolphin, but she had basically already forgotten that part, so it didn’t really count against her. The point remained. It was a sign.

In the locker room, she jostled her little Beater buddy Ben (heh, try to say that five times fast) playfully. “You ready?” she asked rhetorically. Of course he was. The whole Pecari team was tight and awesome, but Sammy had taken a solid liking to this kid. She was glad to have him riding the airwaves with her, swinging bats, kicking ass, and taking names.

When it was finally time to roll, Sammy kicked off, and suddenly she was in the sky. Like, literally suddenly. She had kicked way harder than she meant to, and the sudden shift in her location made her head spin for a moment. But the sixth year shook it off and set her eyes on the prize, immediately making contact with a Bludger and sending it in the direction of Teppenpaw’s tiny new Seeker.

  • Quidditch Match 1: Pecari vs. Teppenpaw.Prof. Isis Carter, Thu May 4 22:50
    As always, Isis sighed. Once again, she was officiating the day’s Quidditch match. It was a good day for the game - decent weather, perhaps a bit cool for the spectators but just perfect for being... more
    • A belated entrance.Joe Umland, Chaser, Sat May 13 13:46
      Joe didn’t know if he was relieved that their first opponent was Pecari or not. On one hand, Pecari meant not playing against his brother, which decreased the chances he’d ever get to beat John’s... more
      • Better late than never!Ginger Pierce, Keeper, Fri May 19 19:57
        Ginger felt kind of bad about sticking Jozua into Beater when he had clearly expressed his desire to not be given that spot, but she really thought it was the best arrangement, short of putting him... more
    • Let's start this show off with a bang! — AC Sammy Meeks, Beater, Fri May 5 01:27
      • I hate you.Jozua Sparks, Beater, Fri May 5 09:47
        The day Jozua had been dreading more than anything else in his life was here. There were many things wrong with what was about to happen. The first was that he was not on the bench. He liked the... more
        • But I like you.Lily Spencer, Seeker, Sat May 6 06:53
          Changing to a new position on the team was thrilling. Lily, with her small stature, was perfect to be the new Seeker in her opinion. She had literally jumped for joy upon seeing the roster and since... more
          • I like this!Eden Manger, Seeker , Fri May 19 20:40
            Eden tugged at the still unfamiliar ponytail on top of her head, a hair choice she’d only picked up for sporting events, as she made her way down to the Quidditch Pitch. It was her first game in any... more
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