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Jozua Sparks, Beater
I hate you.
Fri May 5, 2017 09:47

The day Jozua had been dreading more than anything else in his life was here. There were many things wrong with what was about to happen. The first was that he was not on the bench. He liked the bench. It was a nice bench. Very uncomfortable, badly positioned so it gave him a crick in his neck from looking up all the time, and only minimally protected from the elements. On second consideration, he hated the bench, actually, but it was better than the broom he was currently holding.

To be fair, it was a good broom. Not quite top of the line, there was no need for that kind of expense for him, but better than middling. The Sparks were financially comfortable and Mom came from a family that was even wealthier; so Jozua never wanted for material goods. The broom flew faster than he was comfortable flying it, could turn faster than he could stay on it when it did, and had a comfy cushioning charm for a seat, so it fulfilled all his needs in a Quidditch broom and then some. And he had begun to enjoy flying it for fun through the Gardens lately. So really, the broom was fine.

What was not fine was the beater's bat in his hand. What was worse was the brown robes of the opposite team.

He had slowly come around to accept his position on the team as the Seeker's Beater. He would never like it, but he'd accepted its necessity. He was fine with the idea of protecting his team's Seeker. This was good, something he could really get passionate about. The defense part of the position he'd come close to approving.

The problem was the offense part of it, and going up against Pecari first was probably the worst case scenario because Pecari's Seeker was none other than his very best friend.

There was basically no chance he was constitutionally capable of hitting a bludger that could in any way endanger Lily.

Happening to catch the Pecari Seeker's eye just then, he gave his best friend a weak smile and a thumbs up for luck.

Then he deliberately turned his attention back to his own Seeker. "We're going total defense this game," he told Eden, accepting this truth while the captains shook hands. "Whenever a bludger comes near it, I'm just going to whack it as far out of play as I can get it." If Sammy Meeks wanted to make it hard for them, she was going to have to do a lot of bludger chasing and that would at least buy some time in between attacks. As the captain returned, he added with a smile, "Good luck, Eden, you'll do great."

Of course, no more than a minute or two after the starting whistle, there came Sammy and a bludger. "Incoming!" he warned in case Eden hadn't seen it and flew to get in its way. That part he managed without straining himself. He'd been flying in what he had come to mentally call his 'bodyguard position', which was just a broom length behind and slightly to the side, so he really didn't have to go far to intercept.

The block itself though was awkward, with the bludger coming in on his bat side, so his swing was kind of backhanded, and he glanced it sideways instead smacking it solid. It was enough to knock it off course, but not so good to send it careening far away. He followed it, which wasn't too hard; he'd killed most of its momentum with his first hit. Lining up for a good hit this time, he got in a full swing and knocked it far away from everyone.

If Sammy wanted that one again, she was going to have to either leave Lily unprotected (a course of action Jozua would frown very deeply upon) or wait for it to wander back into play on its own. Either way, Eden had survived her first bludger encounter and he gave her a grin of victory. "No need for daisies today," he told her, and settled back into bodyguard position.

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    • I hate you. — Jozua Sparks, Beater, Fri May 5 09:47
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