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Lily Spencer, Seeker
But I like you.
Sat May 6, 2017 06:53

Changing to a new position on the team was thrilling. Lily, with her small stature, was perfect to be the new Seeker in her opinion. She had literally jumped for joy upon seeing the roster and since then had worked very hard to practise outside of the pitch. She would miss working with the other Chasers - there was a thrill in that as well - but a solo, glorious position was rather brilliant. Of course, in preparing herself for this new role, she was also neglecting her studies more than usual. She hoped they wouldn't mark her too far down, but she'd promised herself that she would make it up as soon as the first match was over.

Unless they lost, but that wasn't an option.

Lily was excited to play with her friends again and wished Jozua the best as a Beater. She was slightly worried when she saw that he was going to be guarding the Seeker. It wasn't going to be easy for him, attempting to knock her off her broom, or for her to constantly dodge his bludgers. Right now, she was very glad she wasn't the one wielding the bat.

On the pitch, she returned his good luck sign with a wave and a big smile, hoping to communicate that whatever happened she wouldn't hold it against him. It was just part of the game, like when Geoff and his mates lightly injured each other during rugby or football matches.

Lily felt like her skin was tingling. There was so much excitement today with the first match of the year. As she stood with her team-mates and waited for the match to commence, she imagined how the match might go. Though this was going to be loads of fun and different from chasing, the Seeker had loads of responsibility. She couldn't muck it up or hope someone else would cover for her. The weight of this position suddenly became real, and her heart started racing as she waited anxiously for the whistle to sound.

Once it did, she mounted her broom and rose into the welcome sky, eyes peeled for the glint of gold somewhere - anywhere. She saw Sammy smack the bludger towards the Teppenpaw Seeker and found herself focused on seeing how Jozua would respond. Would he really send the bludger towards her?

Instead, he deflected it and hit it the other way, far from any of the players. Lily released her breath and grinned to herself as she flew far away from her best friend.

Practising in the gardens or the sports room was very different from trying to find a speck of gold in a high-adrenaline match. She couldn't decide if she ought to keep moving or stay in one place to see if she could spot it. She decided to move around the pitch, hoping to see something, and glancing here and there at the Teppenpaw Seeker.

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    • But I like you. — Lily Spencer, Seeker, Sat May 6 06:53
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