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Ginger Pierce, Keeper
Better late than never!
Fri May 19, 2017 19:57

Ginger felt kind of bad about sticking Jozua into Beater when he had clearly expressed his desire to not be given that spot, but she really thought it was the best arrangement, short of putting him in Keeper and playing Beater herself. Maybe it made her a bad leader that she was making one of the players do something she didn't want to do, but she was a much better Keeper than he was, so she didn't really think too many people thought she was abusing her position as Assistant Captain in that respect.

Where she might have fudged the roster a little to her own favor, though, was in putting Jake's little sister in Seeker instead of the older Jozua who actually wasn't awful in that position. But she'd had arguments to back up her choice and even Jozua hadn't dispute them too heavily. After all, Jozua was a middleclassman and a bit pudgy, so anyone would agree he just looked more like a beater and less like a Seeker than a little first year girl.

Of course, Teppenpaw wasn't exactly the kind of house that attracted Beaters - they'd gotten lucky with the Reinhardts - so even with his passion for Dueling and the extra practices she knew he'd been putting in, Jozua didn't exactly inspire confidence and she found herself throwing out a silent prayer for Eden's safety today as Carter released the bludgers.

After the whistle, she hurriedly flew to her post in front of the Teppenpaw goals, looking back only to see which way the Quaffle was going. "Yes!" she cheered when she saw Joe had it. She didn't slacken her pace as she continued to fly toward her goals, but the urgency to outpace the Quaffle no longer dogged her broom tail.

She'd just reached her spot and begun to look around to see how everyone was doing so far when she saw Jozua successfully defend their seeker. "Whoo!" she yelled, with maybe too much surprise and elation but at this distance, nobody would hear her anyway.

  • A belated entrance.Joe Umland, Chaser, Sat May 13 13:46
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    • Better late than never! — Ginger Pierce, Keeper, Fri May 19 19:57
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