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Eden Manger, Seeker
I like this!
Fri May 19, 2017 20:40

Eden tugged at the still unfamiliar ponytail on top of her head, a hair choice she’d only picked up for sporting events, as she made her way down to the Quidditch Pitch. It was her first game in any sort of athletics, and after some practice - and with Jozua seeming to calm down on the whole “you might die” thing when he realized it had actually scared her - she felt some type of way that resembled readiness, but didn’t quite make it all the way there. The blonde was still very, very nervous.

It showed, too, in the shakiness of her broom as she took to the skies. Eden wobbled into the air and was disheartened to see herself as the first Bludger target of the match. Fortunately Jozua was there to protect her; that older Pecari girl looked like she would hit hard, and she wasn’t really interested in getting smashed to bits in her very first game. Or ever, actually.

“No need for daisies today.” Okay, this time, it was kinda funny, and Eden even managed to smile back, steadying herself. He sent the Bludger away from everybody, which was better, in her opinion. She thought this game would be a lot better without the Beaters and Bludgers at all; who took pleasure in hurting people, anyway? Who wanted to be a Beater? And while technically, strategy said it would be good if Jozua hit Pecari’s Seeker - Lily, she thought her name was - Eden would have felt bad if the girl got hurt, especially if it was done on her behalf.

The game was pretty uneventful, at least for her. She alternated between tailing Lily and going off on her own, not really sure what was the best approach. Eventually, a flickering shiny ball caught her attention, and, hoping Lily hadn’t seen it, she branched off to the side. The Snitch wasn’t as fast as her broom - Jake had given it to her when he found out she would be playing - and she got closer and closer, her small, painted fingers reaching for it. She felt the wings tickling her palm, and she quickly grasped her hand around it. Surprised by her success, she nearly fell off her broom as she slowed her speed and held up a clenched fist containing the Snitch. “I got it!” she called, giddy with delight.

  • But I like you.Lily Spencer, Seeker, Sat May 6 06:53
    Changing to a new position on the team was thrilling. Lily, with her small stature, was perfect to be the new Seeker in her opinion. She had literally jumped for joy upon seeing the roster and since... more
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