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Joe U, Green Beater
Adapting, I suppose.
Fri Jun 9, 2017 15:12

All Joe’s life, he thought meditatively as everyone got together for this strange sort of Quidditch match, he had been part of a group of three. When he’d been born, he’d been the youngest of Sam’s three sons. Slightly later, he’d become the third member of the Three Js – or, as he’d seen J1 write it in her diary, ‘we three’: S&P went to the cinema while we three had lessons in the garden or breakfast 3 with Dad – Mom took the Bigs to summer camp. When he’d started at Sonora, there had been three of them in the dorm, him and Arthur and Gabe, and when the Quidditch teams had gotten themselves sorted out, he and Gabe and Nat had collectively become the three Teppenpaw Chasers. He even supposed he could claim three parents, at a stretch. Three was something of an arc number for him, so the most logical thing for him to do when it came time to pick a spot on Team Green was, of course, to volunteer as Chaser.

Instead, he said, “I’ll be a Beater.”

His main motive was to somehow, even under these unexpected conditions, to try to show up his brother, but he had to admit it made sense. The most important groups of three for him were, after all, the ones he’d occupied with his two biological brothers and the brother and sister whose names were close to his in the alphabet, and since John had left home, neither of those groups really existed anymore. Oh, John was still their brother – they were not purebloods, to pretend someone was dead just because they were angry with him, or because he refused to participate in family life normally – but to say ‘we three’ in any context would be strange now. It was just ‘we two’ all around – Joe and Paul, Joe and Julian. A position with only two players per team suited him now, he supposed.

It was only when the whistle blew and they all kicked off that it occurred to him that he hadn’t picked up a Beater’s bat in at least a year. That thought, once had, was hard to un-have, but as it was too late to do anything about it, he took to the air, balancing the bat only a tad awkwardly, and began looking for a Bludger.

It was not, he reassured himself, as though he’d never hit one before. John had hit him with Bludgers a lot more times than he’d let Joe take aim at him with one, but his brother had taught him the basics of the craft, back in those halcyon days when they’d been on good terms and never imagined life as it was now coming to pass. And sure enough, when he saw one, he approached it with minimal fear and managed to give it a good whack, right toward Amelia Layne’s purple back. Maybe, he thought as it sailed away, he could learn to manage as half of a set of two after all.

  • Seeking, seeking.... Amelia L, Purple Seeker, Fri Jun 9 14:49
    Amelia had been disappointed when she’d heard that Quidditch was off for the year, but strangely not moved particularly far in any emotional direction by the announcement that it was being... more
    • Adapting, I suppose. — Joe U, Green Beater, Fri Jun 9 15:12
      • Not very well, I take it.John U, Purple Beater, Fri Jun 9 15:31
        John had had mixed feelings about the decision to cancel Quidditch. On one hand, he really did need the item off his plate – he had been having to schedule partial-team practices and rely heavily on... more
        • No idea what you're talking about.Joe, Green Beater, Mon Jun 12 13:52
          John (a seventh year who’d been playing Beater since he was twelve) got in the way of Joe’s attempt to hit Amelia with a Bludger. The reasonable thing for Joe to do was just try to keep the now loose ... more
          • Your statement is unclear. Who has no idea, you or me?John, Purple Beater, Mon Jun 12 14:11
            If he had been asked, John supposed he would have had to admit that he was surprised when Joe, seemingly undeterred by his failure and John’s proximity to him and Amelia , went for the Bludger again. ... more
            • Me, probably.Eden M, Green Seeker, Thu Jun 15 00:15
              Eden had not had a particularly athletic upbringing. She’d been on a broom a handful of times, mostly at the beckoning of her older sister, who had more affection for physical activity and had a... more
              • I don't know what their problems are, either.Amelia L, Purple Seeker, Thu Jun 15 15:28
                Amelia flinched when she began hearing a lot of really loud cracks of bat on Bludger, but not so much that she broke off from her search for the Snitch. John was not the most approachable person... more
                • Either way, it's been interesting. Eden M, Green Seeker, Sat Jun 17 01:39
                  Eden kept Amelia in her sights most of the time, breaking her pursuit only when she was looking around for the Snitch. To her surprise, the older girl seemed…. well, friendly, offering a wave and a... more
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