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John U, Purple Beater
Not very well, I take it.
Fri Jun 9, 2017 15:31

John had had mixed feelings about the decision to cancel Quidditch. On one hand, he really did need the item off his plate – he had been having to schedule partial-team practices and rely heavily on his minions mainly because his schedule was finally taking a toll even on him and he could not always make the times which worked best for the largest number of people without allowing his food and sleep intakes to fall below the levels necessary for minimal functioning or leaving other tasks undone. On the other hand, though, this was his one and only year as captain and he hadn’t gotten to prove that, despite everything, he could win. This annoyed him, so when he heard of the pick-up games, he informed Amelia they were going to participate in it.

The second year had looked surprised, but had offered no objection and, to his relief (as he could not exactly go knock on her door or shout at her effectively in the dorms, the other side of the hallway being an area he couldn’t access), she actually showed up. Less fortunately, the tradeoff he ended up making for the positions he wanted was ending up on Team Purple. Half of his brain had no objection to this, pointing out that if it was a color good enough for Marcus Aurelius then it was certainly a color good enough for him, but the other half had been raised this century and regarded it as distinctly feminine. He told that half it was significantly closer to Aladren blue than that shade of green was, and then just told that half to shut up, he was not playing Keeper and he absolutely was not playing Chaser. He’d played Chaser in his first year and had been very bad at it and had no desire whatsoever to leave on that note.

He had made no effort to nominate himself for captain, as he did not consider captaining relevant to his interests anymore. He’d already noted it on university applications and now, his job was just to essentially give Amelia a chance to play as Seeker in something approximating a game. Captains were mainly for Chasers and stuff, and he, as previously established, lacked talent in that arena. He was good at Beating and so that was what he was going to do.

His brother was not a Beater, but to his surprise, John saw Joe taking experimental swings with a bat over on Team Green. Interesting, and somehow, John kind of doubted Ginger had ordered him to do it. It wasn’t impossible – Joe had probably horrified his Housemates with his display of violent tendencies earlier in the year, but if Julian and Joe were not utter freaks and misfits in their House, then Ginger might well be practical enough to consider that said violent tendencies were, when she wasn’t too busy being disgusted by them, put to good use next year – but somehow, he doubted it anyway. He rather, in fact, thought this had nothing to do with the future and everything to do with their currently messed up relationship.

This was as good as confirmed when they took to the air and the first thing he saw was Joe attempting to kill Amelia. Amelia was, as far as John knew, the sworn enemy of no-one, much less Joe, so this, too, was personal. So much for acting like grown-ups and just ignoring each other, he supposed. He flew to intercept the Bludger and deflect it away from his girl, counting on greater experience to settle this squabble in his favor no matter which one of them was in the right morally. He was used to flying with no hands and hitting the Bludger at the same time, whereas Joe was used to throwing the ball and having done. The dynamics were all different.

  • Adapting, I suppose.Joe U, Green Beater, Fri Jun 9 15:12
    All Joe’s life, he thought meditatively as everyone got together for this strange sort of Quidditch match, he had been part of a group of three. When he’d been born, he’d been the youngest of Sam’s... more
    • Not very well, I take it. — John U, Purple Beater, Fri Jun 9 15:31
      • No idea what you're talking about.Joe, Green Beater, Mon Jun 12 13:52
        John (a seventh year who’d been playing Beater since he was twelve) got in the way of Joe’s attempt to hit Amelia with a Bludger. The reasonable thing for Joe to do was just try to keep the now loose ... more
        • Your statement is unclear. Who has no idea, you or me?John, Purple Beater, Mon Jun 12 14:11
          If he had been asked, John supposed he would have had to admit that he was surprised when Joe, seemingly undeterred by his failure and John’s proximity to him and Amelia , went for the Bludger again. ... more
          • Me, probably.Eden M, Green Seeker, Thu Jun 15 00:15
            Eden had not had a particularly athletic upbringing. She’d been on a broom a handful of times, mostly at the beckoning of her older sister, who had more affection for physical activity and had a... more
            • I don't know what their problems are, either.Amelia L, Purple Seeker, Thu Jun 15 15:28
              Amelia flinched when she began hearing a lot of really loud cracks of bat on Bludger, but not so much that she broke off from her search for the Snitch. John was not the most approachable person... more
              • Either way, it's been interesting. Eden M, Green Seeker, Sat Jun 17 01:39
                Eden kept Amelia in her sights most of the time, breaking her pursuit only when she was looking around for the Snitch. To her surprise, the older girl seemed…. well, friendly, offering a wave and a... more
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