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Ginger, Purple Keeper
Now my whole mind is confused
Fri Jun 9, 2017 20:05

Ginger had seriously considered not going to the pick-up game. She honestly wasn't really all that into Quidditch and Sonora games were generally more competitive than she cared for. However, this wasn't really like a normal Sonora game. House honor was no longer at stake. This was just a pick-up game with inter-House teams. Maybe it would be more fun than normal Quidditch.

Plus, well, she was the anticipated Captain-to-Be for Teppenpaw next year, and they'd won their only game this year. They were something almost like the year's champions, though Aladren hadn't really had an opportunity to put in a showing, so that wasn't a totally fair assessment. At any rate, she should probably put in an appearance at least, and if she was going to go to the game she may as well play in it.

So here she was. She made no attempt to claim captain since John Umland was an actual captain with no games under his belt with that title and an upcoming graduation and he was wearing a purple shirt, too, but he didn't seem interested either. "I'll be captain if no one else wants it," she offered when it became obvious he wasn't going to claim it. "And I definitely want Keeper," she added, in case there was any doubt there. She didn't expect argument on that point. She was the longest standing Keeper Sonora had right now.

As the whistle blew, she flew off to guard her goals and turned around to see that Green had the Quaffle. She'd made good time, so they still had a little ways to go yet, but she made ready to defend her territory.

Teppenpaw's honor might not be on the line, but hers still was.

  • So is what was right of your left mind still here?Ben Pierce, Green Beater, Fri Jun 9 19:45
    Ben was bummed that the normal Quidditch season had been canceled for the rest of the year, in that it meant Sonora Quidditch was falling apart again. On the other hand, since Pecari had lost its... more
    • Now my whole mind is confused — Ginger, Purple Keeper, Fri Jun 9 20:05
      • I'm as split as Simon's mind.Winston, Green Chaser, Fri Jun 9 20:36
        Winston had decided to join the pick up game to represent Crotalus and prove that just because their House's inability to field a full team was a part of why Quidditch had dissolved this year, it was ... more
        • Let's get it together, folks.Simon the Green Chaser, Sun Jun 11 11:21
          Simon heard the crack of bats on Bludgers and started to pull away, but calmed down slightly when he realized that the person hitting the Bludger wearing a shirt the same color as his own. Slightly.... more
          • I was already all together.Ginger, Purple Keeper, Wed Jun 14 10:45
            Ginger saw them coming, a pair of Chasers in green shirts. Second years, she thought. First one had the Quaffle, then the other. Both from Crotalus unless she was very much mistaken, which meant they ... more
            • I'm with you Ingrid W, Purple Chaser, Thu Jun 15 08:46
              Skill or society… Ingrid weighed up the teams for about half a second before opting firmly for the former. Sonora was a weird enough not-so-strict zone at the best of times, and Quidditch was a... more
              • The things you do for loveJozua, Green Keeper, Thu Jun 15 11:14
                Jozua had joined Quidditch for the sole reason that Lily liked it and he thought that maybe she'd like him more if he played, too. Unfortunately, due to shortage of numbers, he'd been unable to... more
                • Don't get me started. Sammy M, purple beater , Thu Jun 15 15:28
                  As one might imagine, Sammy Meeks was not fond of the cancellation of Quidditch. Sports Club was nice, but there just wasn’t enough for her to do without the formal league. She was grateful, at... more
                  • Can you best an accidental marriage proposal?Ben Pierce, Green Beater, Thu Jun 15 19:47
                    Ben felt a frisson of worry when Ingrid didn't run from his bludger as fast as he thought she should have, but she did manage to dodge clear and he let out a quiet sigh of relief. He'd been playing... more
                    • I'd rather not, really.Simon M, Green Chaser, Fri Jun 16 13:59
                      Simon was disappointed when Miss Pierce saved the Quaffle, but not entirely surprised. It had not been the best shot he’d ever taken and he was not exactly the most talented shot in the entire school ... more
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