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Eden M, Green Seeker
Me, probably.
Thu Jun 15, 2017 00:15

Eden had not had a particularly athletic upbringing. She’d been on a broom a handful of times, mostly at the beckoning of her older sister, who had more affection for physical activity and had a naturally athletic build, but before Sonora, the Teppenpaw had never done much of her own free will. But then she got here, and her House’s Quidditch team needed a player, and it was Jake’s position that was open, and his girlfriend was the assistant captain… so she did it.

Never in a hundred years did she expect to actually be good. Eden didn’t think she was the greatest by any means, but she was forced to face the fact that apparently, she was at least decent. After all, she won a game. That was… fun. She liked the way people were so happy after the game. And she really, really liked the way her dad - somehow - was proud of her.

With her new broom in hand, she was ready for the scrimmage. Eden ended up on the Green team, not feeling a strong attachment to either it or purple and just taking whichever was presented to her. It did feel a little odd as the realization hit that she wasn’t on Ginger’s team, but it seemed like the combinations were going to be in flux, so maybe next time.

Eden took her place among the ranks of those in green and prepared for the match. Immediately after taking off, two boy Beaters - one of whom was Joe, from Teppenpaw, who hadn’t played that position before - were exchanging a Bludger, with Joe somewhat targeting the purple Seeker, Amelia, she thought her name was. Eden decided to trust Joe (and the Ben kid who was their other Beater today) and did her best to block out all the comings and goings of the Bludgers, instead looking for a hint of gold to flicker through the sky. For the time being, she followed a path quite similar to Amelia’s, not exactly following her, but also clearly putting some faith in the other girl’s pursuit patterns. Hopefully, if the Snitch did turn up, Eden could zoom ahead and grab it.

  • Your statement is unclear. Who has no idea, you or me?John, Purple Beater, Mon Jun 12 14:11
    If he had been asked, John supposed he would have had to admit that he was surprised when Joe, seemingly undeterred by his failure and John’s proximity to him and Amelia , went for the Bludger again. ... more
    • Me, probably. — Eden M, Green Seeker, Thu Jun 15 00:15
      • I don't know what their problems are, either.Amelia L, Purple Seeker, Thu Jun 15 15:28
        Amelia flinched when she began hearing a lot of really loud cracks of bat on Bludger, but not so much that she broke off from her search for the Snitch. John was not the most approachable person... more
        • Either way, it's been interesting. Eden M, Green Seeker, Sat Jun 17 01:39
          Eden kept Amelia in her sights most of the time, breaking her pursuit only when she was looking around for the Snitch. To her surprise, the older girl seemed…. well, friendly, offering a wave and a... more
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